How to Split Stacks in Valheim

As part of inventory management in Valheim, Vikings can split large stacks of res to share with friends or store in chests. Here’s how to do it.

The world of Valheim is filled with res Viking warriors will need to help them survive, defeat enemies, and build a thriving settlement, but it is not possible to carry everything in inventory. Valheim‘s inventory is relatively tiny, with only 8 hotbar slots and 24 spaces. Any clothing or armor a player equips will need to take one of these 24 spaces. Additionally, there is a carrying weight limit of 300, and though players can increase this inventory weight limit by visiting the merchant Haldor and purchasing the Megingjord belt, it will only ever increase by about 50%. Items in inventory can stack for convenience, but sometimes players will want to offload some of their inventory to make room for more res.

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Players who want to keep some res with them, like food or wood, stone, or resin for use during exploration but don’t want to carry that much weight can split items into multiple stacks to be shared with friends, given to tamed boars, wolves, or loxes, tossed aside or destroyed, or stored in a chest. Valheim does not make it clear how to split stacks, however. Thankfully, the process is fairly simple and, once players are aware of it, they should have no problem using this method for better inventory management. Here’s how to split stacks in Valheim.

How to Separate Item Stacks in Valheim

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The Split Stack menu in Valheim

To separate a stack in Valheim, simply use the Tab key to open inventory or the E key to open a chest when close to one. Then, hover the cursor over the item stack to be separated and hold down Shift while clicking it.

A Split Stack pop up menu should appear, showing the item icon and a slider bar. Players can move the slider bar to dictate the number of items in each separate stack. The default setting is half for an even number of items and half rounded up for an odd number. Once the amount is set, players can click OK to confirm the split.

To keep both stacks, players can click in a blank slot in their inventory to place the second stack. More likely, however, they will want to put the second stack somewhere else. They can click outside the inventory box to toss the second stack away, which would allow a friend to pick it up or a tamed animal to eat it. They can also place the second stack in a storage chest for safekeeping. Players can also move stacks between inventory and storage easily by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking the stack they wish to move.

Sometimes, especially when a Viking dies in combat and needs to recover their lost items, the same res won’t automatically stack between what the player picks up on the way to their grave stone and the recovered items. Players can combine these and other separated stacks easily. To do this, in inventory or a chest, they need to click on one of the two item stacks, then click on the stack with which they want to combine it. It’s important to pay attention to Valheim‘s stack limit for the item, however, to avoid needing to take an extra inventory or storage space for leftovers.

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Valheim is in Steam Early Access and is available for PC.

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