How to Romance Liara T’Soni in Mass Effect 3

Whether Shepard has previously had a romantic relationship with Liara or not, she is a possible romance in Mass Effect 3. Here’s how to start or rekindle the relationship.

As Shepard prepares for war against the Reapers in Mass effect 3, they can choose to start or continue a romance with Asari scientist and Prothean expert Dr. Liara T’Soni. Where the romances in both Mass effect 1 and Mass effect 2 are largely overnight experiences, the romantic relationships between Shepard and a member of the team Mass effect 3 are generally more complex and mature. Although she and her romantic arc are largely absent from Mass effect 2 until the Shadow Broker’s Lair DLC, Liara has never forgotten Shepard and returns as a teammate from the start of the third entry in the series.

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Liara is once again available for male or female Shepard, and unlike other popular romance options like Tali’Zorah vas Normandy or Garrus Vakarian, even though Shepard has romanticized someone else in Mass effect 1 or Mass effect 2, it is always an option available in Mass effect 3, provided Shepard broke up with the other teammates. Liara’s romance progression is similar to that of the other companions: Shepard will have to express interest in being more than friends multiple times and meet her for some sort of “date” on the Citadel to engage in the relationship. , blocking all other options. Here’s how to romance Liara, either for the first time or as a sequel, in Mass effect 3.

How to start or continue a romance with Liara in Mass Effect 3

To romanticize Liara in Mass effect 3, players will have to make the choice to commit from the start, although the official commitment does not occur until after Priority: Citadel II. After meeting Liara on Mars and recruiting her, Shepard will often have to visit her in her office to chat. If Shepard had ever romanticized Liara in the original Mass Effect, even though they selected another romance in Mass effect 2, they may offer to rekindle the relationship during the very first conversation they have with her in her bedroom. If Shepard chose a different romantic partner in the first game or was unfaithful in the second, the option to start a romance will not appear until after Priority: Citadel II and at least one other mission.

If Shepard was in a relationship with someone else for Mass effect 2, Liara will express her displeasure at some point when Shepard goes to her room. Shepard will have to make a choice. If they want to return to Liara, they will have to break up with their current lover. Most of the major love interests of teammates have a point of engagement. While Shepard may continue to pursue the other love until this point of engagement, they may miss their chance with Liara because of this, so the sooner they can end things with their former lover, the better.

Eventually, Shepard will receive a message on their private terminal from Liara about her special project. Shepard can invite Liara to their cabin, where she will share her idea for a conservation capsule, including an article on Shepard. She’ll ask Shepard how they want to be remembered. During this conversation, Shepard can tell that they want to be more than friends with Liara. As before, if Shepard didn’t romanticize her in the first game or was unfaithful in the second, this option won’t appear.

Shepard kisses Liara in Mass Effect 3

Following Cerberus’ attack on the Citadel, Shepard will receive a message from Liara asking them to see her again at the Presidium Commons. It’s the point of no return, where the relationship can begin, or where Shepard officially commits. It’s also the last point where Shepard can cut things off to pursue a different love interest. If they choose the option of dialogue over here over friends, Shepard will state that they want to spend the rest of their lives with Liara, and the two will kiss.

Like other romantic teammates during the Citadel DLC, Liara will be the first teammate to come to Shepard’s aid during the ambush. After the final fight, she can be invited to Shepard’s personal apartment. She will play a tune on the piano and the two will share an intimate moment by the window, where Shepard can suggest spending time together like this more often. Paragon’s interruption during this conversation allows Shepard to pull her back to them when she turns away. Liara will also attend Shepard’s party and wake up together in bed the next morning.

Just before the mission Priority: Siege of Cerberus, Liara will come to Shepard’s cabin and discuss preparations for the final battle. They spend an intimate night together, and when Shepard wakes up from their nightmare, Liara comforts them.

Liara and Shepard hold hands in bed in Mass Effect 3

Liara is one of Shepard’s final farewells during Priority: Earth. During this conversation, she offers to join consciousness with Shepard and share memories as a final gift, an Asari custom only available to close friends and companions. The couple will kiss during this meeting.

If Liara is part of the team during the beam race, she will be seriously injured and evacuated to Normandy. Either way, Shepard will have to leave her behind. Shepard will tell her that whatever happens, she means everything to them, and she will tell Shepard that she is theirs. She will later be seen putting Shepard’s name on the memorial wall or refusing to do so, depending on the player chosen. Mass effect 3 end.

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