How to Reset The Breakers in Among Us Airship Map

The Airship map in Among Us comes with several new tasks, including a new Electrical task to Reset Breakers. This puzzle leaves crewmates vulnerable.

After months of anticipation, the Among Us Airship map has finally set sail, and, as promised, it is massive and jam-packed with over a dozen new tasks for crewmates and nine new locations for Impostors to pull off perfect kills. Many of the new Among Us Airship tasks are more involved than those on the original three maps, which will force crewmates to spend a little more time on them and make it more difficult for Impostors to fake them. Reset Breakers is a new task in Electrical on the Airship that could be considered a long task, though it takes place in a single location rather than in several across the map. In this task, players will need to pull a lever on a set of seven breakers in order of the numbers that appear at the top of the switch.

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Electrical on the Among Us Airship is a bit different from the Electrical rooms on the other map. It is somewhat labyrinthine, with narrow hallways and one single way in or out. All seven breakers are spread out along its snaking corridor. This makes the task somewhat tedious to complete. Thanks to the room’s setup, the task is also dangerous for crewmates, as it allows Impostors to kill and flee without a crewmate having any chance to run. While there is no way to vent in Electrical, there is also no security camera and limited visibility. Players completing Electrical tasks like Reset Breakers will need to be very careful and diligent. Here’s how to complete the Reset Breakers task on the Airship Map in Among Us.

How to Reset Breakers in Among Us

The first Breaker in the Reset Breakers Task on the Among Us Airship Map

On the new Among Us Airship map, Electrical is located on the southeast side. Players can access it by going south from the Main Hall, west from Medical, or northeast from Security. Despite its proximity to Security, there are no security cameras in the room. There are also no vents.

The Electrical room on the Airship is designed like a grid, with one breaker lever on the top right, two in the center, one in the bottom center, one in the bottom right, one in the center right, and one in the center left. Each section of the grid is separated by security doors, and these will be open or closed at random during different matches.

The Reset Breakers task may not be immediately clear to players the first few times it is assigned. During each match, these breaker levers will each be labeled with a number from 1 to 7. In this task, crewmates are asked to pull the levers in ascending order from 1 to 7. It may take a moment to find lever 1 and complete the breakers in order. Crewmates need to pull all seven levers for the task to register as complete. Thankfully, hitting one wrong breaker lever will not reset the game, and players can easily correct mistakes without needing to start from lever 1 again.

Among Us Airship Hiding Spot Viewing Deck Outside

Players should note the lever numbers will change between matches, so it will be impossible to memorize their locations. This can pose a challenge, making the Reset Breakers task one of the longer in the game.

The Reset Breakers task in Among Us can be something of a death trap if crewmates aren’t careful. There are no security cameras that would allow a crewmate watching in the next room to notice their fellow crewmate get killed. However, there are also no alternate routes out of Electrical. Impostors will be taking a risk by killing there. If a crewmate sees them leaving Electrical, then goes in and finds a body, the Impostor can be quickly compromised and may need to lie to avoid being caught.

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Among Us is available for Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and Android.

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