How to Reset a Google Home Mini

Experience great sound quality, responsive microphones, and a wide range of features with the Google Assistant-powered Home Mini. From controlling your smart home to acting as a language interpreter, this device offers incredible value for your money.

The current-generation Home Mini, released in October 2019, retails at around $50 but can often be purchased for just $30. It’s the perfect addition to any-sized smart home, with interactive skills and features powered by the ultra-responsive Google Assistant. Discover more about the Home Mini and unleash the full potential of your smart home setup.

If you’re considering upgrading your Home Mini smart speaker or looking to switch to a larger Google device or even an Alexa device, you can get cash or trade-in value for your old hardware. Before trading it in, make sure to perform a full factory reset on your Home Mini. Learn how to reset your speaker and discover tips to get maximum value for your old speaker. Explore our guide for a smoother transition and better deals on smart speakers and displays.

Performing a factory reset

Not sure which generation of the Google Home Mini you own? Here’s a quick way to find out: flip the speaker over. If you see a wall-mount screw slot, it’s a second-gen model. No screw slot at all? That means you have a first-gen. Discover more about the Google Home Mini generations and their features.

For second-generation modelsĀ 

To reset your device, locate the on/off switch for the microphone on the side. Turn it off and observe the pulsing orange LED lights on the top of the speaker. Next, press and hold the center of the Nest Mini where the lights are located. You will hear a chime indicating the completion of the reset. After approximately five seconds, the device