How to put mascara: 5 surefire methods to apply it

How to put mascara? Even those who don’t wear makeup, al mascara don’t give up. The eyes immediately seem larger, but perhaps, what is addictive to the bottle brush and its black ink, is above all how to put mascara on. A hyper-feminine and very gesture staff (some models in the backstage of the fashion shows they prefer to apply it on their own), which social networks and the world of tutorials have amplified with tips and tricks to find perfection. Yes, because if the kajal pencil is cool even if it is smudged, the poured mascara remains an imperfection to be corrected. At the length of eyelashes, there is never an end, we will always continue to look for the best mascara of the way and the foolproof application method to make them thicker and thicker. Will we ever be really satisfied? The answer in these 5 techniques recommended by the make-up artists of the stars.

How to put mascara

Sarah Tanno’s makeup brush

Sarah Tanno, celebrity makeup artist presented together with Marc Jacobs the novelties of the beauty brand in the first presentation unconventional up Zoom. An informal video that streams live two friends having fun playing with new tricks. And so, Sarah Tanno while testing the new one At Lash’d, lifting & voluzing mascara by Marc Jacobs Beauty, revealed how to put on mascara without smudging. Just hold down on the eyelash an eyelash brush, in this way you can comb the lashes from the root to the end without staining the eyelid.

Sarah Tanno while applying mascara with the help of a make-up brush.

Fan effect mascara like Rihanna

Long yes, but above all open and well defined because one thing does not exclude the other. Rihanna knows that she launched the mascara Full Frontal Volume, Lift & Curl of Fenty Beauty equipped with a flat bottle brush to lengthen and curve, and round to fill and give extra volume. Rihanna loves to accentuate the shape of the eye with fan-effect eyelashes. To obtain it, apply the product several times only to the outer edges of the lashes.

Anti-hot mascara

Gina Kane, makeup artist Chanel revealed to Glamor Uk his method of not letting mascara drip even in very hot weather, a technique he tested last year on Natalia Dyer’s face during the presentation of Stranger Things 3. To avoid nasty surprises, mascara is strictly formula in summer waterproof, “But if you haven’t found one that satisfies you like what you usually use, then apply this as a basis, and then give a final pass with a mascara waterproof“.

For an effect, dramaticVictoria Beckham holds the mascara brush in vertical and defines lashes for lashes. In this way, the pigment is distributed without lumps and the effect is full and full-bodied.

The soft method of Margot Robbie’s make-up artist

For Pati Dubroff, mascara is used to lift the gaze even without giving too much definition. As he explained to Harper’s Bazaar, the secret of success lies in keeping the color focused on outer half of the eye: “To stretch and broaden your gaze, focus on the outermost lashes. ” By choosing a curved pipe cleaner, you can go from the roots to the tips and draw a small curl: concentrate the color as close as possible to the lash line and then loosen your hand to obtain a light and lump-free finish on the ends.

Below are some of the best mascaras of the moment

Lancôme, Monsieur Big Carbon Black. Costs: 29 euros

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Lash Brag Volumizing Mascara. Costs: 27.50 euros

Clarins, Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D waterproof. Costs: 28 euros

Marc Jacobs, At Lash’d Lifting & Volumizing Mascara. Costs: 29 euros

Fenty Beauty, Full Frontal Volume, Lift & Curl Mascara. Costs: 24 euros

Gucci, L’Obscur mascara. Costs: 37 euros

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