How to Play the King Kong Role Mod in Among Us

King Kong becomes an impostor in Among Us thanks to a new Role Mod. He can attack his teammates with brute force or carry them in his fist.

Overpowered Impostor role mods for Among us have become a new trend for some of the most popular content creators, and they allow talented programmers to Among us community to modify some of their favorite monsters and characters in the pandemic era hit. Some notable Impostor roles have included a T-Rex, the legendary No Visor, and Godzilla. Of course, lately it’s not possible to think of Godzilla without considering his latest rival, King Kong. Modders introduced the King of the Apes in Among us with the King Kong Impostor role mod.

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The Impostor as King Kong has access to powerful new abilities that will be difficult for teammates to survive. King Kong can pick up teammates, crush and crush them, and leap through the air to examine the entire map and select a new teammate to target. King Kong’s role mod gives imposters an extra edge in Among us. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for teammates to beat the creature and win the game. Due to the nature of creature role mods, if teammates stay together it can sometimes be easier to infer the impostor’s identity than it would be in a traditional turn. Here’s how to play King Kong Role Mod for Among us.

How to play as King Kong among us

King Kong's role mod in Among Us

the Among us King Kong Role Mod has been programmed by @LooKuM / MRE for SSundee and his friends and is currently not available for public download. Other releases have also been scheduled for various content creators. Players may be lucky enough to enter a game that uses this mod by joining a server it is installed on. It is also possible that, given its popularity, other modders will end up programming a version of this mod and make it available for wider use.

When a teammate becomes the impostor Among us with the King Kong Role Mod installed, they will receive the ability to summon King Kong. Until they do, the only buttons available will be the typical Kill and Sabotage. Once the Impostor becomes King Kong, he can start using the following new abilities:

  • Jump: King Kong leaps into the air, allowing the impostor to see the entire map in real time.
  • To crush: When zooming out using Leap, King Kong can throw the Empire State Building at a crew member and crush them below. The building stays exactly where it fell for the duration of the game.
  • Recover: King Kong can grab a teammate and transport them to the map.
  • Fall: King Kong can let go of the teammate he is holding at any time.
  • To break: King Kong raises his fists and slams them, leaving a gash in the ground, crushing all crew members within range of the blast and stunning those nearby.

Each ability has a cooldown period once it’s been used, and once Imposters regain their teammate appearance, they won’t have access to any of the abilities until they summon King again. Kong.

King Kong overlooking the full map in Among Us

Like other Impostor role mods, including the popular Godzilla role mod, it may be a bit easier for teammates to determine the identity of the Impostor than in a normal match. If the crew members travel in packs, it can be straightforward to determine who is missing when King Kong attacks. Once they get the hang of it, it’ll just be a matter of pressing the emergency button or reporting a corpse and voting for the monster. However, teammates are at risk when grouped together; if Kong throws a building from a distance or gets close enough to use Smash, the attacks have the potential to kill more than one of them at a time.

Like many other Impostor role mods, the focus is less on completing tasks and more on survival, but teammates can still try to achieve a victory by completing whatever is on their rosters and avoiding the King Kong’s wrath. Mods like these aren’t intended for particularly competitive games either, and it seems part of the fun comes from playing with the Impostor.

Players can see the Among us King Kong Role Mod demonstrated in a real match by watching SSundee’s video below:

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Among us is available for Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS and Android.

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