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How to Pierce Your Belly Button at Home – Some Helpful Tips

How to Pierce Your Belly Button at Home? You can learn how to pierce your belly button at home in this article. You may be the type who is unsure about what you should do to ensure that you are not going to get a sore and possibly infected skin after having an operation. If you are one of these people, you will want to learn how to pierce your belly button at home.

Now there are several ways to learn how to pierce your belly button at home, but the most effective way would be to find a product that is easily available and is inexpensive. You should also find out from your doctor that if this method of piercing is safe or not for you.

How to Pierce Your Belly Button at home

Learn well before do it

The next thing that you need to do to learn how to pierce your belly button at home would be to prepare the area where you want to have the piercing done. This would include removing any jewellery that you have or maybe even jewellery that you don’t. You will want to take off any jewellery, jewelry clips or even anything else that you wear every day.

If you have any jewellery that you wear every day, you should remove it first before getting it pierced. You may be wearing your ring or necklace on the wrong side. This can cause a problem with the jewellery.

When you are taking off your jewellery, try to get a nice hot stone that you know will be safe for the jewellery. A lot of people want to use their fingernail to get the perfect sized jewellery for them. Never do this, as the heat of the jewellery can damage the jewellery and make it very uncomfortable to wear.

Piercing Needle

Your next step is to learn how to get the piercing done. You may want to wear a sterile plastic wrap over the area where you want to have the piercing done, especially if it is in a very sensitive area. Make sure that you have inserted the needle or piercer that you are going to use.

You will want to use a sterile needle that will fit into the hole in your navel. You should also put lubricant on the needle to prevent any infection from happening. This will make it easier for the needle to be inserted into the navel properly.

How to Pierce Your Belly Button at home

When inserting the needle into the navel, you will want to make sure that you don’t move it at all. You should only have one person in your room to help you in inserting the needle so that you don’t fall and have an accident. You should also make sure that the needle is lying flat on the skin.

Self-care and control

You will also want to find out how to pierce your belly button at home, by making a small incision. This is very similar to the incision that your doctor makes during operation. The incision that you make is going to be right at the navel.

After the incision is made, make sure that you cut around the edges of the incision. If there is a scar left from the surgery, you can have it treated. You may want to consider a small tattoo or some other type of design, so that you can cover up the scar.

Learning how to pierce your own belly button at home may seem like a time-consuming job, but it is not difficult. If you have the right tools, then you should be able to get the piercing done quickly and painlessly. After learning how to pierce your own belly button at home, you will also have the confidence that you can actually do it without hurting yourself.

Pierce Your own Belly Button at Home

If you need a new piercing for a reason like needing to wear a certain piece of jewelry, this article will help you learn how to pierce your belly button at home. Jewelry is not a necessity, but people have been wearing them for centuries. Especially in ancient times, women used their belly buttons as another place to hold their jewelry. It is relatively easy to achieve and it’s fun.

The first thing you need to do is get the right kind of jewelry. A silver belly button ring or any other silver ring that will fit in the spot will work well for the purpose. You can either get this online or from local stores.

Once you have selected a ring, it’s time to heat up the metal. First, get the heating element from a bowl and place it on the surface of the jewelry. Next, place a sheet of cotton balls inside the heating element to keep it from overheating.

Heat the ring until it feels cool to the touch and then slide your hands under the ring and look for skin where the metal is heating up. This will cause the skin to split. Make sure the heating element is not on hot and not touching the skin. Pull off the skin and dispose of it.

Pierce Your Belly Button at home

Rubbing Alcohol

Now get a couple of cotton balls and rub the skin until it is red. After this, take some rubbing alcohol and put it on the cotton balls and then rub on the skin until it is completely soaked. Try not to make the skin dry.

Take a thin section of skin and place it inside the hole in the belly button ring. Then using your fingernail, create a loop. Next, insert the piercing needle into the loop and twist it tightly into place.

Wash Your Hands

Magnetic pierce jewelry requires very little care. Also, magnetic earrings can be washed with soap and water. Magnetic bracelets are okay to wash with soap and hot water.

One way to pierce a silver ring is to use a cotton ball filled with rubbing alcohol. Use the cotton ball to melt the bottom part of the jewelry and then slowly pull the ends towards the center. Repeat until you have completed a circle.

Washing your hands before going to the bathroom is important when it comes to piercing. Washing hands can prevent the skin from getting too hot, which could cause the jewelry to melt. Also, while you are pummeling your belly button, it’s important to be careful because any stray materials could get stuck in the tissue in your mouth. Carefully remove the material, if you find any, and throw it away.

Keeping the area clean and sterile by rinsing the area with soap and warm water or by washing your hands with alcohol-based cleaners is very important. You don’t want bacteria to grow in the jewelry.

Cotton Balls

After rinsing the area with warm water and cotton balls, it’s time to do it again. Rinsing the area with alcohol-based cleaners and soap is also important. Never use rubbing alcohol as this will burn the skin and destroy the jewelry.

These are the basics of how to pierce your belly button at home. A common mistake that people make is putting the piercing needle through the jewelry while they are piercing the skin. Before you do this, you should make sure the ends of the piercing needle are completely tucked away in the healing pouch so that the needle will not poke into the skin.

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