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Well, summertime is definitely here. How do I judge that? Well, I can’t stop sweating, I’m trading pants for shorts, motivation is at an all-time low, and I’m spending any and all spare time daydreaming about getting away for a weekend. It must be summer.

Last summer was one for the books. Pre-pandemic, my life came with a lot of opportunities to travel, both for work and for play (and often some combination of the two).

After obviously being grounded for the bulk of 2020, I made up for some lost ground in 2021. A weekend in the mountains of Maine, followed immediately by a week at the coast, a few days rest before flying to the Midwest or the Rockies.

This was normal, as was being home only long enough to swap dirty underwear out for clean ones. It was a whirlwind.

This summer looks different. For better or worse, this year brought some more stability, routine, and re-prioritization of taking care of myself (I think the kids call it self-care).

With that, unfortunately, comes a little less opportunity for travel, which makes what travel I have planned a little more intentional than in summer’s past.

Nothing crazy booked, but I’m definitely itching for a weekend trip to get me out of the ebb and flow of day-to-day life.

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The Travel Self-Care Routine Challenge

Here’s the challenge: once you’ve worked yourself into a good routine, it can be really hard to pull yourself from it, even for something as exciting as a vacation.

Work and life responsibilities are one thing to escape from, but I’m also thinking about those moments when you come back from a vacation and realize that all of your daily upkeep routines for you have been disrupted. So how do you pack up your grooming routine?

Thankfully, MANSCAPED™ (the bulk of my self-care routine these days) has made it super easy to take them along wherever the road takes you. You can try anything you learn about here from MANSCAPED at a 20% discount by taking advantage of our exclusive partnership.

Manscaped Boxes 2.0 - Packaging inside the box

Intentional is a good thing, which I think ultimately makes for a better experience in the end. Maybe it’s not as sexy as going off the cuff, but I’m a big believer in the idea that if you fail to prepare … well, you know the rest.

Anyway, if I know that the time I’m spending away is all I’m getting this summer, I’m going to be prepared for it. While I am only a self-proclaimed expert, here are a handful of my best tips for getting the most out of your carry-on for this summer’s getaway.

1. You Definitely Don’t Need All of the Clothes You Think You Do.

Open up your suitcase right now and put at least half of the pants you’ve packed back into your closet. I used to always find myself overpacking on what I thought were essentials. That included too many pairs of socks when I was also bringing sandals, a few emergency t-shirts, and double as much underwear as I’d ever need in a week. I know you do it, too.

Quantity isn’t nearly as important as quality when it comes to your travel gear, from head to toe. A good pair of pants for any evenings that require sprucing up, a nice shirt or two, and a few trustworthy tops for more physical activity.

Manscaped Boxer 2.0 gold band with black fabric and gold print

While you might not need heavy socks this summer, that doesn’t put underwear out of the question. Recently, I’ve been reeling over MANSCAPED Boxers 2.0. Designed for maximum ventilation and thereby maximum comfort, they’re the perfect base layer for a summer vacation, for whenever you aren’t in a bathing suit!

Instead of taking up room with extra layers, utilize that space to uphold some of your self-care routines. You’ll appreciate that you considered your skin and hair after a long day out in the sun on the beach or on the trails, right?

For me, I’m saving room for a few of my favorite MANSCAPED formulations. I’m not wasting my time with basic cookie-cutter hotel supplies.

Manscaped Body Spray in Hand from Ultra Premium Collection

The Hydrating Body Spray is a must for any time spent out in the sun. I can definitely be pretty negligent when it comes to remembering sunscreen on the beach, and often leave a little crispy despite my best efforts. The Hydrating Body Spray is great for keeping skin moisturized and healthy.

2. Compartmentalize, Compartmentalize, Compartmentalize!

A little bit of pre-planning goes a long way. Living out of a bag can really suck if you aren’t intentional about it beforehand.

For me, that means keeping all of my clothes in a carry-on style bag and leaving the backpack for personal items, tech gear I may need, or snacks for the trip. If I remember, I usually bring along an empty plastic grocery store-style bag to stash dirty clothes over the course of the trip, or until I find myself with access to laundry. It helps keep things organized!

Easy access is important, too! I always want to make sure I have quick accessibility to whatever I may need, especially when in transit.

You’ll know when you might need a reapplication of deodorant when waiting to de-board your plane. MANSCAPED has made this part super easy.

MANSCAPED Performance Package 4.0

If you’re on the hunt for a premium Dopp kit to help compartmentalize your travels, The Shed Travel Bag has become my go-to over the past year or so. While it’s also in use under the sink whenever I’m at home, it really shines as a roomy spot for all my on-the-go toiletries.

3. Don’t Forget the Details.

I can’t count how many times I’ve come back from a trip, looked in the mirror, and realized that my mustache is completely out of control. It’s even worse when I feel like I’m looking disheveled in all of the pictures from the vacation. It’s easy to avoid that, but folks often forget to go the extra step.

Manscaped at the Sink with Trimmer

Now that I have MANSCAPED’s The Lawn Mower® 4.0, it’s literally as easy as throwing the travel lock on the razor, tossing it in the bag, remembering the charger, and getting on my way. The Lawn Mower is a true premium product: ceramic blades with adjustable guards, wireless charging and an LED light on the top are just a handful of the specific design aspects that make it the best handheld electric razor I’ve used.

It makes a huge difference for special occasions on the road or for taking care of an out-of-line hair or two. If you’re looking to take it an extra step further, the Weed Whacker® will make sure you’ve cleaned up around the nose and ears, as well.

Now, if you’re thinking “wait, MANSCAPED is for shaving your junk!”, you would not be completely wrong. MANSCAPED has designed top-of-the-line grooming tools and products for use below the belt. That’s their thing, and they’re good at it. But a fact is a fact, and a razor is a razor.

With a good cleaning, there’s no reason you can’t use their premium trimmer to clean up above the belt as well. Once you try it for yourself you’ll understand. Or, they recommend just buying a second one!

On a less personal note, hair isn’t the only thing that keeps growing even while you’re taking PTO. I have definitely forgotten to pack a pair of nail clippers before hopping on a flight and I have definitely regretted it (especially on a beach trip where your toenails are starting to look like claws). Again, MANSCAPED makes it easy, with a travel-ready solution called The Shears 2.0a collection of stainless steel grooming tools (scissors, tweezers, clippers, and a file) kept in a leather pouch with a cool magnetic case enclosure. Discreet, sleek, and ready to go. Don’t be left unprepared!

Manscaped Ultra Premium Collection on a Wooden Shelf

Get Packed Up With MANSCAPED

Traveling can be just as stressful as it is relaxing if you aren’t planning ahead. That’s not just snacks in the car and dinner reservations for when you get there, it’s making sure you have everything you need to be able to slide into vacation mode immediately upon arrival. That often means packing up the routines that make you feel best at home and taking those along with you on vacation.

Again, our friends at MANSCAPED have made it easy: you can give any of these products a spin on your big vacation this year with an extra discount thanks to our partnership. Grab 20% here and hit the road!

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