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How to Overcome The Ten Most Common Problems In The Bedroom

Of all the questions I am asked as a Feng Shui consultant, the most common are the bedroom. Of all the rooms in the house, this is what people seem to find the most inspiring when trying to get the right energy. In this article I explore the ten most common problems I see when I evaluate people’s bedrooms and offer some simple but effective treatments that you can use to overcome them.

Shelves in the bedroom

The books in the bedroom have the effect of stimulating the mind by preventing the occupants from sleeping on a restful night. The best care is to remove the shelves, but if this is not practical in your home, covering the shelves with closet doors or fabric to hide the books while you sleep is equally effective.

A sled bed

I must say that a wooden sled bed is a beautiful and elegant addition to a bedroom but unfortunately it has its problems. In a sled bed the head and foot of the bed curve inwards press energy on you while you sleep. To get around this, you have to look for a way to increase the energy upwards again, an effect that can be easily obtained by placing a small crystal or an elegant lighting fixture above the bed.

A bed too low on the ground.

If your bed is too low on the ground, energy cannot flow below. Ideally the beds should have a lot of space between the mattress and the floor. If you don’t want to buy a new bed, place a red square of mattress-sized material under the bed to stimulate energy.

Beams above the bed

The rays above the bed have the effect of pushing the energy downwards while you sleep. Many people find that when a ray passes through their body during sleep they often experience problems in that area of ​​their body. The best care is to hide the beams with a false ceiling, but if you are unable to do so, place two bamboo flutes over the bed so that they cross the beam. Like crystals, bamboo flutes have the effect of increasing energy upwards.

Inclined ceilings

In France, where I live, many old houses were originally on one floor with large attic spaces. Since these have been renovated, the attic spaces have been converted into bedrooms with large sloping ceilings. Sleeping under a sloping ceiling can cause worries and a feeling of oppression while the occupant sleeps. To overcome this, hang a crystal over the bed to lighten the energy around the bed.

Mess under the bed

The disorder under the bed, whether it’s boxes, chests or drawers, has the effect of blocking the energy that flows underneath. There is really only one cure for this, take them out and place them elsewhere

Mirrored wardrobes

Too many mirrors in the bedroom speed up the flow of energy, disrupting natural sleep patterns. The best care is to replace them with wooden wardrobe doors, but if you prefer not to, find a way to cover them with fabric while you sleep. Voile can be purchased inexpensively and, draped over the wardrobe doors at night, it can look very elegant creating a sensual and romantic atmosphere for the room.

A metal bed

Metal beds are very popular but metal frames, or even just a metal headboard, can disrupt the natural flow of energy. To calm the flow of energy, cover the metal structure or headboard with a soft fabric.

A private bathroom

It is so difficult to get the right balance in modern homes since people today expect a private bathroom. In our home in France we created all our bedrooms with private bathrooms because we thought it was what people would expect when they came to stay. En suite bathrooms, however, can cause an interrupted night’s sleep unless you adhere to good bathroom management. This means that you keep the bathroom clean, tidy and in good condition and keep the bathroom door closed at night.

A TV or computer in the room

The most common problem of all, a TV or computer in the bedroom interrupts the natural flow of energy around the bedroom. The best cure is obviously to remove them and place them elsewhere, but today the rooms have multiple uses and this is not always possible. If you need to keep a TV or computer in the bedroom, place them in wooden units that can be closed at night or cover them with a cloth or blanket before going to sleep.

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