How to Mount a Tv on a wall: Step By Step Guide

In this modern world, people love to be trendy in all aspects. If you are striving to be fashionable in decorating your home by mounting tv on a wall?

Then this guide will help you out to mount your tv. Gone are the days where we used to have TVs on Cupboards or Tv stands.

Now, in the modern era, people love to mount their flashy new tv on their walls.

If you’re ready to take you to unbox your new tv and start watching your favorite Netflix programs on a big screen by mounting Tv on your Wall?

Then go through the below process to mount tv correctly. Doing this process wrong might end up in permanent damage to your TV.

So you have to be careful while mounting the Tv. However, if you feel you need to opt for a professional to install the tv? Then you might be emptying your pockets because the professional cost to install will be higher. 

Its best to Wall mount the Tv on your own. The process is simple, just gather the required products to mount your TV, and then you are ready to go.

How to Mount a Tv on a wall
How to Mount a Tv on a wall

Let’s check required Materials and Tools to wall mount tv.

Tools and Materials required to Mount tv on Wall:

To install a tv mount at the right height, you have together some tools and supplies listed below.

  • Tv
  • Wall Mount
  • Screws or Blots
  • Drill
  • Level 
  • Tape Measure
  • TV Wiring Kit
  • Outlet Cover
  • Washer
  • Stud Finder

Now, we have learned what tools and supplies we need. Let’s dig into the process of Wall mount.

Before getting into the article, you have to find out this word of caution about the stud finder.

Stud Finder Tips:

Purchasing a good stud finder can be helpful to make your work easier. Electric Stud finders are usually very tricky little tools that are important for this process. Let’s check out the simple tips to use it correctly.

Go Slow: 

Stud Finders are effective when we properly use them, but they can also make it bad by extra holes. So, calibrate appropriately by placing your on the Wall and turn the stud on. 

Let the stud finder does the job by finding the density of the material then slowly move it side to side. Repeat this process and mark each stud you have discovered with a piece of tape. Make sure you find three studs, and before making a hole, you have to measure the height.

Popcorn Ceilings Defeated:

Using stud finder across a ceiling with Popcorn texturing doesn’t work. It might ruin your texture. So, you have to place cardboard over the area you want to scan. 

Now, please continue with the studding process because it gives a more relaxed and smooth way to slide into the Wall.

Never forget fire blocks:

Before thinking about drilling holes, always run stud finder up and down vertically and horizontally to ensure there are no fire blocks. Even electricians charge higher for you while dealing with fire blocks because it is a tricky task. Always make sure you have double-checked everything.

We’ve done with tips of cautions. Let’s check the process of mounting tv on the Wall.


  • Choose Perfect Tv Mount:


There are several Tv mounts choices on the market. Whether you are buying it online or by the retail store, you will have a hell lot of options. You have to pick the right one for your use.

The usual type of wall mounts are Fixed tv Mounts, Swivel Tv mounts, Full-motion Tv wall mounts,s Tilting Tv wall mounts, and more. In these, you have to choose the best wall mount and then start the working process.

No matter what kind of wall mount you choose, the process of wall mount is the same.

Tips for choosing Right Tv Mount:

  • Decide Wall Mount type by your requirement.
  • Pick mount according to the size of the TV.
  1. Choose Location and Height:

Whenever you try to mount a tv on your Wall, it requires a bit of planning. You have to save some time before drilling holes to reduce the stress factor.

Always select a place with easy access to power outlets, connections, speakers, and other Tv Accessories.

Think about where to place components like cable boxes, DVD players, and more.

Make sure you avoid sunlight or head.

Pick the safest Wall that can safely support four-five times of the combined load.

  1. Calculate or Measure Height of Mount:

The best option or viewing height is to the center of the Wall so that display will be at your eye level when seated. 

Place in the best position that makes you comfortable to watch movies. 

To get the perfect height to go through the electric Astrud tips, you will get to know how to use it.

  1. Locate Studs:

I have already mentioned about the studs in the upper section of the article. To locate studs, you have to choose perfect placement.


  • Once you finalize the position, run the stud finder from top to bottom.
  • Locate three studs and measure the distance between them.
  • Mark stud with pencil and then use the nail to confirm.
  1. Mark Vital Pilot Holes:

After doing the above stuff, you have to mark it lightly in pencil where the corner of the TV will appear.

Quickly measure the distance between the top and lower holes to reconfirm and start marking two points.

  1. Carefully Position the wall mount:

  • You have completed about tasks right then hold a TV bracket up against the Wall and then measure it.
  • Use others to hold the wall mount.
  1. Drill Pilot Holes & Attach the mount to the Wall:

As you have correctly taken care position. Now, drill it to make pilot holes into studs.

Take the help of others while mounting against the wall.

Use drill, screws, drive to place that at mount to the wall.

Make sure you cross-check the level once mounted.

Quickly attach the mounting plate:

Carefully following the company instructions manual and mount the plate to the back of the Tv.

  1. Mount Tv to a wall:

By following the user manual for mounting tv to the wall, you can save damage.

Cross-check the connection between the TV plate and Wallplate should be secured.

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