How To Make Temporary Tattoos Last Longer: Tips and Tricks To Check

Temporary tattoos are just a great way to get that tattoo experience fast, with no commitment, no pain, and without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars. You simply place the tattoo anywhere on your body, wait a few seconds for it to transfer, and that’s it. Over the next week or two, you’ll be rocking a brand new tattoo that will up your style game and make you feel unique.

But, yes, the only problem with temporary tattoos is that they are temporary. These tattoos usually last between 5 and 7 dayswhile some brands offer temporary tattoos that can last up to 10 or 14 days. So, for a week or two, you can wear the tattoo, provided you take care of it, without scratching it, rubbing it or washing it with hot water.

If only there was a way to make a temporary tattoo last longer…

Well, if that’s your wish too, you’ve come to the right place. In the following paragraphs, we will share with you our best tips and tricks that can really make your temporary tattoo last longer. So, without further ado, let’s get straight to that!

Make your temporary tattoo last longer with these tips and tricks

Minimum friction location

One of the reasons temporary tattoos tend to fall off in just a few days is friction. Clothing creates friction against the tattoo, for example. Also, when we take a shower and rub our skin, we are not only rubbing the tattoo, but we are also exposing it to water. Temporary tattoos hate friction.

So what we recommend is minimum friction placement. When deciding where to place your new tattoo, be sure to consider if the potential area is exposed to friction. If so, then change the idea of ​​placement, and if not, then go for it. High friction areas are hands, for example, feet, inner thighs, inner biceps, stomach, etc.

So be sure to avoid these areas and instead place your tattoo somewhere on the forearm (which can also be exposed to rubbing at times), upper back, chest, outer bicep area, etc. You get the essentials.

Appropriate application

Sometimes it can be difficult to place a temporary tattoo on the skin without it moving due to humidity or other issues. Without proper placement, the tattoo will not transfer properly and it will not really stick to the skin. So, to make it last longer, make sure you do the following;

  • Shave the skin before placing a temporary tattoo. This way, instead of being distracted by the hair, the tattoo will stick directly to the skin. It will cover and stick to more areas of skin making it harder for the tattoo to fade and fall off.
  • Exfoliate the designated tattoo area before placing the tattoo. This will ensure you remove all kinds of dirt, dead skin cells and oil from the skin. Exfoliation will make your skin smooth and ready for tattooing.
  • Let the tattoo dry when done with placement. Do not rub it, touch it, or cover it with clothing immediately after transferring the tattoo. Let it dry completely and try to wear loose clothing at least for the first few hours. This way you will minimize friction and ensure that the tattoo adheres properly to the skin.
  • As we mentioned, choose carefully where you will place the tattoo. Avoid high friction areas, areas that move or bend frequently, naturally sweaty and oily areas, and of course areas that will rub against your clothing.

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Seal the tattoo

One of the most important things you can do to make your temporary tattoo last longer is to seal it after application. This will ensure that the tattoo adheres to the skin and stays in place for more than a few days. Here is how you can seal your temporary tattoo;

  • baby powder – you can use baby powder to seal the tattoo. The powder will absorb all excess oil, moisture and ink, ensuring everything dries properly and stays stuck to the skin.
  • hair spray – once the tattoo has been applied and completely dried, you can use hairspray to set and seal it. From a distance of 12-16 inches, spray the tattoo with a thin layer of hairspray. Before hairspray, you need to apply baby powder or even better treating effect. Hairspray is excellent for temporary tattoos, homemade tattoos, or even pointed tattoos.
  • liquid dressing – use the liquid bandage to seal your tattoo and make it more waterproof and scratch resistant. The liquid bandage will prolong the longevity of the tattoo. You can use it for any type of temporary tattoos, but it works best with transfer temporary tattoos as well as pointed tattoos.

Post-Tattoo Precautions and Other Tips

Now that you’ve done your best to properly place and seal your tattoo, it’s time to talk about some post-tattoo precautionary measures. Here are some tips to keep your temporary tattoo longer.

  • To keep the tattoo well protected, you can using petroleum jelly which acts as a sealant and protection during showers or bathss. Vaseline creates a shield that protects the tattoo from water, humidity and friction. However, it is not a moisturizer, so be sure to use a lotion to moisturize the “tattooed” skin in case it becomes dry.
  • In case you don’t have baby powder, feel free to use cornstarch or talc to absorb excess moisture and oil from the tattoo.
  • In case your tattoo starts to come off or fade, try using a permanent marker to touch it up. Be sure to use a high quality, pointed tip marker for better control while drawing, and for better payoff and durability.
  • Try not to practice immediately after receiving the temporary tattooy. This way you will avoid the accumulation of sweat and oil around and under the tattoo, as well as cracking and premature detachment of the tattoo. As you practice, the clothes will rub against the tattoo, causing it to fade and come off faster.
  • Avoid swimming in pools while you have the tattoo. Chlorine in swimming pools could promote tattoo decomposition and faster fading. However, you can swim freely in the sea, lakes or ponds; mostly natural waters.

Things to avoid if you want the tattoo to last

In the previous paragraphs we have talked about all the things you should do to prolong the life of your temporary tattoo. However, we also need to talk about what not to do;

  • Rub, scrape, touch and wash tattooing should be avoided in case you want your temporary ink to last longer than 2-3 days.
  • During the showers, avoid using hot water. This will make the tattoo peel off immediately. Instead, use lukewarm water and be sure to cover the tattoo with petroleum jelly for added protection.
  • Avoid applying lotion or sunscreen around or on the tattoo. You have to remember that this is not a real tattoo; it is the ink from the paper transferred to the skin. So anything slippery you put on the tattoo will just make it come off faster. In addition, to spread any product, you must rub it into the skin, which will also promote the discoloration and detachment of the tattoo.

Final Thoughts

Making the temporary tattoo last longer than a few days can be quite tricky. Many temporary tattoo brands advertise that their products last between one and two weeks. In some cases the claims are true, but most of the time you really have to be extra careful and take care of the tattoo to keep it for more than a few days.

After all, these are temporary tattoos and no such product can last longer than 2 weeks. However, if you like the way your temporary tattoo looks on the skin, you might want to consider getting a real tattoo. This one surely won’t come off.

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