How to Make kajal at Home: Step By Step Procedure

How to Make kajal at Home

how to make homemade kajal

Kajal not only makes the eyes look bigger and beautiful but in earlier days it was also used to ward off the evil. Cleopatra was very famous for wearing that heavily kohl rimmed eyes. Kajal is a basic makeup product that almost all the women all around the world would like to wear, if they are asked to wear just one makeup product. But if you have been wondering how to make kajal at home then this post will be helpful. Homemade kohl is useful and safe as it is devoid of the chemicals and harmful ingredients. Thai is filled with all the natural ingredients and this will be made in front of you therefore, the product is also adulterant free and gentle for the eyes. Kajal are not just to beautify the eyes but it also makes the eyes get cool and sooth since the homemade products