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How to make Hand Sanitizer at home?

Ideas are the same but it’s just that, the methods have been modified and modernized for the convenience of one and all. Well, if you are thinking about what we are talking about! This is in special reference to the most sensational topic that the entire world is struggling with as of now; called Coronavirus or COVID-19.

In context to the same and related diseases caused by life-threatening bacteria and viruses, it is strictly advisable to stay protected by using the related safety measures. One such effective measure that the health department is advising is the frequent use of sanitizers.

Hand Sanitizer at home
Hand Sanitizer at home

How to make Hand Sanitizer at home?

To add on, Sanitizers are just a modernized version of old fashioned ‘hand wash’ formula which has been in practice since ages. In case of sanitizer, you need not go to wash hands every time with soap and water, all you need to do is just drib a few drops of sanitizer, rub your hands and you are done with the process of sanitizing. Doesn’t this sound easy & quick??

As of now, due to the speedy disperse of dangerous coronavirus, either the availability of sanitizer has become a challenge or is available at much higher rates than normal. In this condition, you just need not panic as we bring you the idea of creating the sanitizer at home itself. This DIY method is really handy to make and use.

Which three ingredients do you need?

Let’s check it out… the way to make a perfect hand sanitizer at home and the three ingredients that you require are:

Hand sanitizer recipes

  1. An aloe vera gel: 1/4th cup. The role of aloe vera gel in making sanitizer is very important as it neutralizes the inclemency of alcohol thereby making your hand soft and smooth.
  2. Any good essential oil (like lavender oil or tea tree oil): 10 drops. You can even use lime juice if either of them is not available.
  3. isopropyl or rubbing alcohol: 3/4th cup. The most important of all, this ingredient imbibes of almost 99 per cent of alcohol within it.

Procedure for making Hand Sanitizer at home:

The procedure of making the hand sanitizer at home is the easiest of all. What you need to do is to pour all the above components with the exact mentioned quantity in a bowl. Then take a spoon and mingle all of them.

Then, take a whisk and beat the solution so well that the liquid sanitizer converts into a gel.

Lastly, pour the ready gel into any hand wash disperser and tag it as ‘Hand Sanitizer’. And you are done as it is ready for use.

Measures to consider for making Hand Sanitizer:

Make sure that the hand sanitizer is made at a neat and tidy place.

Do not forget to properly clean your hands before beginning the process of making hand sanitizer.

Never use diluted alcohol for making hand sanitizer as it won’t serve the purpose of killing germs at all.

Use washed and cleaned utensils for this purpose.

Avoid any direct contact with the mixture before it is properly ready to use.

Correct ways to follow to use Hand Sanitizer:

The first thing that you need to take care of is that in case if your hands are filthy or oily, do not directly use hand sanitizer. Make sure to wash your hands with normal soap under running clean water before applying hand sanitizer. Hence, keeping this major point on board, below are the correct ways you will need to follow:

Drop a drib of the hand sanitizer on the palm of your anyone hand.

Soundly rub it on both of your hands thereby covering your fingers too for about half a minute. Keep rubbing until your hands completely soak the sanitizer making it disappear.

Advisory: However, just making and using the hand sanitizer is not enough for safety. All the other protective precautions advised by the doctor should also be kept in consideration because ‘Prevention is better than cure’. In case of any severity, it is advisable to contact the related doctor instantly.

Well, hope the information above proves useful to all of you. Do not forget to share your experiences.

Effective hand sanitizers

The need for homemade hand sanitizers have been suggested as an alternative for hospital or school hand hygiene because there is a possible social and health benefit from this method. The centers for disease control have previously said that the focus should be on the application of sanitizers rather than the mass manufacture of sanitizers. Other public health concerns of the time have not been overcome by the use of sanitizers, even though they have claimed benefits and encouraged the adoption of these products. The private sectors have not come up with a model to replace the medical, legal and economic systems for the prevention of contagious diseases.

The centers for disease control has said that it is not a good idea to prevent the spread of diseases that cause a lot of misery but are relatively common in urban settings and have not been identified as transmitting disease in any way. While there are no specifically developed products for the prevention of disease transmission in the cities, there are several different methods for reducing the risk of spread of infectious agents.

Hand sanitizer wipes

These include the implementation of good health practices, improving the social environment in which the agent is able to spread, preventing the spread of social distance or isolating potential agents from the rest of the population, and prevention of the spread of alcohol or other drugs. The center also suggests the use of disinfecting agents such as chlorine dioxide, chlorine and bleach that work as aerosols. These products can be used by using a pad or a wipe.

There are numerous products lines available for use as homemade hand sanitizers. They include flavored hand sanitizers that emit chlorine dioxide or chlorine odor when they react with moisture in the air and get wet or contact with people. There are non-lubricated wipes that contain bacteria-killing agents.

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