How To Make Buffalo Sauce

Buffalo sauce is a tangy and spicy sauce that is commonly used as a condiment, marinade, and dressing for various dishes such as chicken wings, burgers, and salads. It is a favorite among many people who enjoy the fiery flavor it adds to their meals. Making Buffalo sauce is not an arduous task; it is an easy process that requires a few ingredients that are readily available in your kitchen. In this article, we will provide you with a simple recipe to make Buffalo sauce.


– Three-quarters cup of hot sauce
– Half a cup of unsalted butter
– One and a half tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
– One teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce
– One teaspoon of garlic powder
– A pinch of cayenne pepper
– A pinch of salt


Step 1: Combine the hot sauce, apple cider vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, and salt in a small saucepan. Whisk it well until all the ingredients are combined.

Step 2: Place the saucepan over medium heat. Bring the mixture just to a simmer.

Step 3: Reduce the heat to low and add the butter to the saucepan. Whisk it until the butter has melted.

Step 4: Simmer the sauce for about 10 to 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Step 5: Remove the saucepan from heat and let it cool slightly. Once cooled, give the sauce a final stir.

Step 6: Your Buffalo sauce is ready to use. Pour it into a jar or bottle for storage.


Q1: Can I use any type of hot sauce to make Buffalo sauce?

A: Yes, you can use any hot sauce you like. However, it is recommended that you use a sauce that has a good balance of vinegar, heat, and flavor.

Q2: Can I make Buffalo sauce without the butter?

A: It is possible to make Buffalo sauce without butter, but it will not taste the same. Butter adds a richness and creaminess to the sauce that is essential to its flavor.

Q3: How long can I store Buffalo sauce?

A: You can store Buffalo sauce in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to one month.

Q4: Can I adjust the spice level of the Buffalo sauce?

A: Yes, you can adjust the spice level by adding more or less cayenne pepper. If you want a milder sauce, use less cayenne pepper, and if you want a spicier sauce, add more.

Q5: Can I use Buffalo sauce as a marinade?

A: Yes, you can use Buffalo sauce as a marinade for chicken, beef, or tofu. Marinate the protein in the sauce for at least 30 minutes before cooking.


Buffalo sauce is a versatile and delicious condiment that can be used to add flavor to a variety of dishes. Making Buffalo sauce is an easy process that requires a few ingredients and a little bit of time. With the recipe provided in this article, you can make delicious Buffalo sauce in no time. So, go ahead and give it a try to elevate the flavor of your meal!

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