How to Investigate an Anomaly Detected in Lazy Lake in Fortnite

Head on over to Lazy Lake to investigate an anomaly detected in Fortnite. Follow the butterfly and be ready to solve the jewel puzzle. Here’s how.

Fortnite Season 6 officially launched on Tuesday, March 16th. The season of the Bounty Hunter went out the door, and Fortnite: Primal took its place. Don’t be confused with Far Cry: Primal. Players will still have all the guns they can get their hands on. However, they’ll have access to wild animals roaming around the island, which they can recruit to aid them in their quest for victory royal.

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With every new season comes new skins, dances, battle pass rewards, and challenges. A pair of challenges, in particular, will have players investigating an anomaly detected at Lazy Lake and Shark Island. Challenges like these tend to turn these POIs into hot drops for the first few days the challenge goes live. It’s up to the player to get it done early or wait for everybody else to go. This guide will focus on how to investigate an anomaly detected in Lazy Lake in Fortnite. Here’s everything players need to know about the challenge, including where to go, what to do, and what rewards they’ll get.

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Fortnite: How to Investigate an Anomaly Detected in Lazy Lake

Fortnite Lazy Lake Anomaly House

To begin, head to Lazy Lake’s Northwest corner, to a house marked by the number ‘2’ (depicted above). Enter the house to trigger a strange butterfly. This butterfly is similar to the one they’ll find when investigating an anomaly detected on Shark Island. Follow the butterfly into the basement until it disappears. Now it’s time to start swinging.

Players will use their harvesting tool to smash through the wall with the television screen. Doing so will grant them access to a secret room. In the middle of the room rests a glass case. This is a puzzle that players will have to solve.

Solving the Puzzle

There are four jewels that players will be able to interact with. With their back to the staircase, the one they just came down to enter the basement:

  • activate the jewel directly in front of them.
  • Then walk around the glass box and activate the jewel opposite the first one.
  • From where they’re standing, activate the jewel on the left.
  • Then activate the last jewel.

The video below from YouTuber HarryNinteyFour lays out the exact order.

Once the four jewels are activated in order, an object will appear in the middle of the case. Jump up and interact with the object. An audio cue will sound, and players will receive a notification that they completed the challenge and successfully investigated an anomaly detected in Lazy Lake.

Every new season comes with a set of unique challenges for players to complete. Not only can they achieve this challenge in Lazy Lake, but they can also investigate an anomaly detected on Shark Island in the same game (if they’re so lucky.) Either way, Fortnite Season 6 is only just beginning. There are currently talks of dinosaurs coming to the island and leaked skins being added to the game.

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