How to Install (& Play) Valheim in VR (Mod Guide)

The experimental VHVR mod for Valheim introduces VR support. Players will need to download the BepInEx plugin and adjust a few settings to play in VR.

Fans of Valheim who enjoy playing PC games in VR can now live out their fantasy of becoming a Viking and exploring the tenth Norse world in first-person virtual reality using an experimental mod. Since it launched in Early Access in February, Valheim’s immersive world has delighted fans and left many clamoring for a way to play in first-person mode. Some mods have addressed this interest, particularly the Valheim Plus mod that first introduced an optional first-person camera. Now, Valheim has unofficially entered the world of virtual reality with the VHVR mod.

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Created by manicmoose99 on Nexus Mods, the VHVR mod introduces VR support for the popular Viking survival game. The creator considers the mod experimental, and updates are in the works to introduce more features to improve VR gameplay, including Motion controls. There is some setup involved to get the VHVR mod working properly, but the effect is mesmerizing. For players looking to experience Valheim from a new perspective, here’s how to install and play the VHVR mod.

How to Install the VHVR Mod for Valheim

A Viking fights a skeleton in first person mode in Valheim

Before deciding to install mods, players should note that mods can sometimes cause a game to crash or otherwise glitch. It is important to back up game files before installing mods to prevent any loss or corruption of saved games. If Valheim begins acting up, it is always a good idea to uninstall and reinstall the game without the mod, which can often fix some of the problems.

Players need to do a bit of setup before they can begin playing Valheim in VR. First, they will need to download and install the BepInExPack framework. Instructions for this process appear below:

  1. Download the BepInExPack framework from
  2. Open the zipped folder and Extract All contents into a folder. Do not extract them into the game folder.
  3. Move the contents of the extracted BepInExPack_Valheim folder into the Valheim root folder. The file path is usually Steamlibrary > steamapps > common > Valheim. This is the folder where valheim.exe is stored.
  4. Launch Valheim and make sure the console pops up. This will automatically create a new plugins folder within the BepInEx folder.

A player faces a troll in first-person camera mode in Valheim

Next, players will need to download and install the VHVR mod. Right now, there is not mod manager support for this mod, so players will need to download and install it manually. The instructions for this appear below:

  1. Download the vhvrmod zipped folder from manicmoose99 on Nexus Mods.
  2. Open the vhvrmod folder and Extract All to unzip the files.
  3. In the resulting dialog box, choose to extract the files into the Valheim root folder, Steamlibrary > steamapps > common > Valheim. This is the same folder where valheim.exe is stored.

Because the Valheim VR mod requires SteamVR, players should not launch the game right away once mod installation is complete.

How to Play the VHVR Mod for Valheim

A player looks at the moon over water using First Person View Mod in Valheim

Prior to playing Valheim in VR, a player needs to open SteamVR and ensure it’s running properly. They will also need to disable Use Desktop Game Theatre while SteamVR is active  under Valheim properties in Steam. It is also important to disable Vulkan under Valheim properties, as the VHVR mod does not support it.

Creator manicmoose99 warns that, because Valheim was not initially created for integrated VR support, it may not feel as comfortable as a game built with VR features in mind. Players who easily become ill in VR should likely avoid this mod. Additionally, the mod currently only supports seated mouse-and-keyboard gameplay, though Motion control support is in progress.

On first launch, enter Settings and navigate to the Graphics tab. Immediately disable Bloom and Anti-Aliasing. It is also a good idea to disable SSAO to improve performance, though this is not required. If players do choose to disable SSAO, they can enable Amplify Occlusion in the config file to replace the effect without sacrificing performance.

A pack of Wolves on the Plains in Valheim

The first time Valheim is launched with the VHVR mod installed, it will create a config file, which can be edited to adjust some settings. Here, players can enable Amplify Occlusion, disable or enable the mod, manually change the positioning of the head, and disable or enable hands or laser pointers in-game.

Players can get a sense of how this mod looks and feels in the video below:

On the mod page on Nexus Mods, players can find some tips and hints from the creator for using this mod successfully, including tips for centering HMD tracking, adjusting the camera, aiming, and even zooming in and out. While VHVR was meant to be played in first person, there is an option to zoom out and look over a Viking’s shoulder in third person instead. Players can use the arrow keys to reposition the camera horizontally, and the PageUp and PageDown keys to reposition vertically. To aim a weapon, players will need to use their head and look at the direction they want to aim. Until future updates, the aiming reticle is static and will not appear where the Viking is actually aiming. Players are encouraged to practice their aim to master the current system while an improved aiming system is in the works.

It is important to note that this mod is likely incompatible with mods that affect game camera, post processing effects, and GUI but should work with most other content mods, including popular choices like the Alltameable Mod. Players are encouraged to report any other issues they find so the creator can continue to work on fixes and improvements to the mod.

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Valheim is in Steam Early Access and is available for PC.

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