How to Install (& Play) the Vent Digger Mod in Among Us

The Vent Digger Mod for Among Us by ZiadMontaser gives Impostors the power to build their own Vent network anywhere on the map. Here’s how to get it.

While many of the most popular Among Us mods add roles for crewmates and Impostors, there are also some that introduce new features everyone can enjoy, such as the extremely popular CrewLink and Proximity Voice Chat mods. One of the most important features for Impostors in Among Us are Vents, and the Vent Digger mod enhances this mechanic significantly. Normally, when an Impostor uses a Vent, they can only enter one of a few predetermined rooms in the Vent network. Additionally, Vents tend to appear in well-traveled areas, making it difficult to use them undetected. The Vent Digger Mod changes this, allowing the Impostor to place Vents that connect to each other anywhere on the map.

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The Vent Digger Mod makes Impostor Venting even more dangerous for crewmates, as they’ll never quite be able to tell if an Impostor is waiting to strike while they complete their tasks in a room that normally wouldn’t have a Vent. Players can download and use the Among Us Vent Digger Mod for a PC lobby on the regular Among Us servers, provided all players in the lobby have it installed. Here’s how to install and play the Among Us Vent Digger Mod.

How to Install BepInEx and the Vent Digger Mod for Among Us

The Vent Digger Mod for Among Us was created by ZiadMontaser on GitHub. Players should note that most mods, including this one, are usually only available for PC players, and that there are certain risks associated with using mods. Players should always be sure to back up their game files before installing mods in their game. If the classic version of Among Us begins acting up, it is always a good idea to uninstall and reinstall the game without the mod, which can often fix some of the problems.

Before players install and use the Vent Digger Mod, they will need to download and install the BepInEx plugin. This plugin is a modding framework for Unity Games. The instructions for downloading and installing this plugin appear below:

Download the version of BepInEx compatible with the PC (32- or 64-bit).Use a program like WinRar or 7zip to open the downloaded BepInEx zipped file folder.Select all files in the folder and choose Extract All.In the resulting dialog box, select the Among Us root directory folder. This can usually be found under Steamlibrary > steamapps > common > Among Us. It is the folder that contains the Among Us.exe file.

Then, players can download and install the Vent Digger Mod. The instructions for that process appear below:

Download the Vent Digger Mod zipped file.Use a program like WinRar or 7zip to open the downloaded VentDigger-2021.x.x zipped file folder.Select all files in the folder and choose Extract All.In the resulting dialog box, select the Among Us root directory folder. This can usually be found under Steamlibrary > steamapps > common > Among Us. It is the folder that contains the Among Us.exe file.Launch Among Us.

Players will know the mod is working properly if they begin a game and, in the upper-right corner of their screen, they see >>Made by Zirno#9723. For a more visual depiction of this installation, players can check out the tutorial below by Sloppy Gaming.

Players should note they do not need to create any extra folders to install this mod or BepInEx. They only need to move the files from their downloads into the root game folder and launch the game normally.

How to Play the Vent Digger Mod for Among Us

When players are assigned the role of Impostor with the Vent Digger Mod installed, they will have access to a new button on the lower-left side of their screen called Create Vent. This button has no cooldown and is available on any floors. It will not work on walls.

All the regular Vents from the vanilla game’s maps disappear with the Vent Digger Mod installed, allowing the Impostor free reign to create and use their own Vent network anywhere they want, uninhibited by preset Vents. Impostors can travel between any of the Vents they create, and these will not be restricted by room as they are normally. Using this feature, Impostors can quickly Vent across the entire map to get stealthy kills.

Vents placed by the Impostor will look the same as they do in the vanilla game. That means Impostors will be placing the typical grate-style vents on the Skeld and the hole-style Vents on Polus.

The Vent Digger Mod creates a unique advantage for Impostors, so it may be a good idea for the lobby host to introduce some kind of obstacle, like a lower visual radius, to compensate and rebalance the Impostor and crewmate odds. However, it can also be fun to turn Among Us into a challenging survival-horror game, where crewmates know an Impostor could be lurking anywhere, just below them in the vent system and out of sight.

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Among Us is available for PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

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