How to Install (& Play) the Town of Us Role Mod for Among Us

Role Mods for Among Us are extremely popular, and the Town of Us Mod adds 19 new ones. Players can choose how often each role appears in a game.

The most popular mods for social deduction phenomenon Among Us tend to be role mods, which have their roots in other social deduction party games like Werewolf and Mafia. In these mods, crewmates, and sometimes even Impostors, take a role beyond simply completing tasks or trying to fool crewmates. They may have other powers and abilities that help their team and hinder the opposing one. Some of these role mods appear to have been inspired by Town of Salem, a similar social deduction online game that combines the best traits of Werewolf and Mafia and includes a Crucible style. One Among Us modder, slushiegoose, has taken this inspiration a step further and programmed a mod that adds 19 possible unique roles for crewmates and Impostors.

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Lobby hosts using this mod can input the probability of a certain role appearing in the game and can choose to not use certain roles in certain games. This also allows players to try various options, like the Morphling Role or the Time Lord Role, without the other options. This Among Us mod is massive and could radically change the game for groups of players looking for a new or different experience. While it is not free of bugs, slushiegoose is actively improving the mod, and many versions have already been developed and released. Here’s how to install the Town of Us Roles Mod for Among Us and what each role can do.

How to Install the Town of Us Mod for Among Us

The Extra Roles mod gives four crewmates the roles of Joker, Engineer, Officer, and Medic in Among Us

The Town of Us Mod for Among Us was created by slushiegoose on GitHub and includes source codes from other famous mods, including the extremely popular Sheriff Role Mod. Players should note that mods are usually only available for PC players, and that there are certain risks associated with using mods. Players should always be sure to back up their game files before installing mods in their game. If the classic version of Among Us begins acting up, it is always a good idea to uninstall and reinstall the game without the mod, which can often fix some of the problems.

Players will find instructions for downloading the Among Us Town of Us Mod below:

  1. Download the latest TownOfUs Mod zip file from slushiegoose on GitHub.
  2. Extract the contents of the zipped folder using a program like WinRar or 7Zip.
  3. Locate the root folder for Among Us. The easiest way to find this file path is to open Steam, navigate to Library, right-click Among Us, navigate to Manage, and choose Browse Local Files.
  4. Move the extracted mod files into the Among Us root folder. This is the folder containing the Among Us.exe file.
  5. Launch Among Us.

All players in a lobby will need to have downloaded and installed the mod for the game to work properly.

Roles Included in the Town of Us Mod for Among Us

A crewmate receives the Mayor Role in Among Us

The most recent version of Town of Us includes 19 unique roles and 3 modifiers that can be added to the game. Some, like the Mayor Role and Jester Role, are bound to be familiar to players. Others, like the Time Lord and Child, are new. The roles included in the Town of Us Mod are:

  • Mayor: Crewmate. Can vote multiple times in a meeting; any time they don’t vote, they save their vote in a Vote Bank to use during another meeting.
  • Jester: Neutral. Tries to deliberately get ejected to win the game.
  • Sheriff: Crewmate. Tries to kill Impostors or the Glitch; they will die if they kill a crewmate or other neutral character.
  • Lovers: Either Crewmates or Impostors. Two players linked together whose primary goal is to stay alive together; if one dies, the other will also die.
  • Mafia Godfather: Impostor. A normal Impostor who can Sabotage and Kill crewmates.
  • Mafia Janitor: Impostor. Can’t kill but cleans up bodies so they aren’t seen by crewmates or reported.
  • Mafia Mafioso: Impostor. Can’t sabotage or kill until the Godfather dies. (Note: The Mafia will only appear if the game is set to have 3 Impostors. They must all appear together.)
  • Engineer: Crewmate. Can fix one sabotage per game from anywhere on the map and can vent like an Impostor.
  • Swapper: Crewmate. Can swap two crewmates’ votes during a Meeting, meaning anyone who voted for one crewmate would instead be counted for a second crewmate; Can’t fix lights or Comms, and can’t use the Emergency Button.

Among Us Morphling Mode Fun Why

  • Shifter: Neutral. Has no roles or tasks or win conditions; can swap roles with any other player.
  • Investigator: Crewmate. Like the Socksfor1 Detective Role Mod, can see footprints of other players that disappear over time.
  • Time Lord: Crewmate. Can rewind time to revive dead players and reverse crewmate and Impostor movements; If settings are changed, the Time Lord can also revive voted out crewmates and Impostors.
  • Medic: Crewmate. Gives one player a shield that makes them immortal until the Medic dies; Can receive a report from a dead body containing the name of the killer or their color type.
  • Seer: Crewmate. Can find out another player’s role; Seers can reveal player roles to other crewmates, causing the player’s name to change color to indicate their Team (Impostor, Crewmate, or Neutral) or role.
  • Glitch: Neutral. Can Kill, Hack, and Mimic crewmates or Impostors to be the last player standing and win the game. Hacking prevents crewmates from reporting bodies or doing tasks, and prevents Impostors from killing, sabotaging, or reporting.
  • Morphling: Impostor. Can sample crewmate DNA and morph into that character for a limited time.
  • Camouflager: Impostor. Can drain the color from all players, turning everyone grey for a limited time to make it harder to identify them.
  • Executioner: Neutral. Needs to convince the crewmates to vote out one assigned crewmate to win the game.
  • Child: Crewmate. Serves as a designated survivor. If the Child is killed, everyone loses the game.
  • Torch: Crewmate. Can see in the dark, possibly allowing them to catch an Impostor in the act.
  • Diseased: Crewmate. Has a mysterious illness that sabotages the Impostor. If the Diseased is killed, the Impostor’s kill cooldown triples.
  • Flash: Any. Can travel at double speed.

The mod also comes with new color options, including a rainbow color option for player sprites. This is similar to the Color Changer Mod, as any player who uses the rainbow color will shift between colors at random. Players can only use the new color options with the modded version of Among Us. Trying to use them in a regular lobby can cause the game to stop working properly.

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Among Us is available for Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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