How to Install a Kitchen Remodel

How to Install a Kitchen Remodel: When it comes to applying moldings or other types of trim to kitchen cabinets, quality matters. The type of finish and surface materials you use can transform a simple kitchen remodeling project into an appealing and professional-looking room. If you’re about to undertake a kitchen-remodeling project, read the fine line in this guide to determine what’s best for your home.

Basic Finishes

The advantages to installing real granite or other materials in your kitchen cabinets, no matter which type you choose, are numerous. For one, durable counter materials of real stone can’t be easily scratched. With real wood cabinetry, you know that the wood grain will be warm and pleasing to the eyes, eventually giving off a certain rustic quality, especially if it’s a darker color.

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Many people prefer faux wood cabinetry that mimics the appearance of real wood. If you’re considering a rental property, a faux alternative will be cost effective for a landlord, and a good selling point should you ever decide to leave. It’s also a good choice if you’re installing new cabinets in a home you’ll be selling eventually. For homeowners, enhanced kitchen cabinets and countertops are a good idea, depending on the wood you select. Oak or maple finishes will naturally improve the appearance of your kitchen.

Real vs. Faux

Real stone is another option. Granite, marble and limestone are natural materials, but they can be textured in a number of ways. Colors vary depending on the manufacturer and the stone’s mass. Some companies will stain the stone to look like marble or granite. For a more uniform look for your kitchen, real stone is a more desirable choice. The most common choice is a real stone countertop, but granite is still by far the most popular overall.

You’ll often find this option for a kitchen installed in homes. Real stone is a granite or marble option. You may also find it in slabs, so you don’t have to spend the time preparing something to install. Slabs are more affordable for homeowners, but they can be more difficult to install. One option that’s gaining in popularity is finishing the stone with a mixture that mimics the appearance of granite or marble. This type of finish is harder to do, but some people find it easier and less expensive to invest in stone that’s already been treated with some sort stain. If you’re doing a kitchen renovation, refinishing natural stone is definitely a route you may want to consider.

5 Best Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Another option for your cabinets is ceramic tile. Like real stone, tiles come in a vast array of tiles and colors. Some people are hesitant to use tiles on the counters because they have concerns with staining. However, there’s less of a concern with ceramic tiles. Tiles can be installed in more ways than just along the countertop. You can install them on the bottom shelves, underneath the cabinets, or even as the back splash. Manufacturers have created tile with a variety of colors and textures.

How to Install

When installing new cabinets, take time to determine what type of finish you want. It’s the initial décor of your kitchen that will decide what really pleases you, much the same way that individual can decide what color they would like the inside of there home. When choosing tile or stone consider the installation process that may be required if you intend to tile. To remove one section, you may have to lifted the cabinet door. If in the case that you want to remove the countertops, you may have to dismantle them.

Planning Kitchen Remodeling

Tiling is the easiest option and certainly easier to do. When it comes time to remove the counters, you can easily take them off, break them up and then take them to the trash or recycle center. On the other hand, cabinetry can be tricky to remove. Oftentimes, it doesn’t matter if you’re installing something new or something worn out, such as cabinets, you want to know that you can do it alone.

Thinking about the overall look of your kitchen while doing your kitchen renovation can help you choose the appropriate materials to use. When you visit your local home improvement store, consider purchasing a large roll of material in case you need some tiles or a section of countertop that you need. In most cases, they carry services where they will bring the roll over to your home and cut it to size for you.