How to Hire a Good Manager

How to Hire a Good Manager? You’ve probably heard the maxim that “good people are hard to find. But even harder to keep.” In short, if you hire good managers you will make your life a whole lot easier. That is why you need to know what a good manager does so that you’ll know what to look for when hiring one. To help illustrate what goes into hiring a manager, I’ve provided the following checklist for you to use when you are hiring sales managers or sales staff in general. This will help you find quality candidates who will be a great fit in your organisation.

These 10 components of a good manager are:

Judgment is boldest. Managers must be able to exercise the ability to judge based on their interpretation of the facts that they have seen and assessed the risk that the issue in question presents.

Anger, judgment, and frustration are a big red flag. Managers must have the capacity to control their temper and stay put. One reason that these qualities have become more important is that, in today business world, you can’t afford to have a manager that is so angry or emotionless that it has a severe effect on the business. This will result in failed processes, falling customer service, and a decrease in the performance level of your employees and other functional departments.

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Ability to work with others.

There are many great things that a good manager can accomplish on his or her own. But, in order to accomplish these things you need good managers. You can’t get this from successful individuals who are working at the same level as you are, it would mean that you would have to wait an entire year to grow an entire new group.

Why Sales Managers Fail? 

Strong ethical character.

As much as it is easy nowadays to appear to be a “good guy”, you can’t do so if you fail to remember that you are responsible for your actions and that you need to make sure that they are in keeping with your own set of beliefs, morals and values. Many managers do not have a strong moral life themselves. There are other things that you can do to make sure that you always follow your own rules of ethics almost regardless of the situation.

The capacity for critical thinking.

There are some managers who come up with their own ideas in order to be more successful. But, very few of these managers process or critically think the ideas at all. Critical thinking is an important skill that a manager must create and practice so that they can make a difference in your business. This means that if your manager does not regularly practice this skill you should be concerned.

Managing Consultant Skills

The ability to be self-directed.

Managers who do not take direction regularly by others in the organisation and don’t work to put a system in place so that they can be productive will quickly fall away and not be an effective asset for your organisation.

The capacity to operate independently as well as in a group setting. Developing and sustaining a successful business involves recognising the importance of operating within a broader set of policies and procedures. Managers who don’t support their staff as well as they need to can become File Managers and withdraw from the situation.

Ability to set and achieve objective goals

The ability to set and achieve objectives and goals. Managers who only have goals in mind and never bother to put plans in place to achieve them are essentially writing your all your goals and objectives and every single goal. When managers do not set objectives they have no way of aiming at what is truly necessary to achieve success. Managers must be self-directed and discipline implement this essential skill.

Ability to Motivate and influence

The ability to motivate and influence staff in positive ways. Managers who don’t understand their employees will not be able to motivate them in the way you need them motivated. When your staff are not motivated you are not going to achieve the results that you know that you should in order to increase productivity and ultimately, your profit.

Ability to Keep Internal

The ability to keep Internal jokes in check and to focus on the business at hand. While they do the fact of being a “fun-face’ to their staff, if you do not hold them accountable you will ultimately be the victim of a low morale and /or low morale in your business. Managers should be able to manage their personal life outside work as well as their business life.

Ability to Listen

The ability to listen, empathise and really focus on the issue. This is not a simple skill and takes some practice. Managers and leaders should understand that it is just as important to listen as it is to talk. When your staff is saying something you can’t hear or understand they are likely to be upset. If this is not acknowledged and addressed in a constructive way you will have a very difficult time maintaining the morale in the workplace for a long time.

An ability to manage expectations.

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