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How to Grow & Maintain the Perfect Stubble

How to get the perfect stubble

These days, getting a clean shave isn’t the only way to look neat anymore. Thatch may still have a rugged feel, but instead of being scruffy and sloppy, it’s now seen as sophisticated and elegant. When done right, stubble can enhance your features, define your jawline, and create a mature, masculine appearance. Besides that, it can also make you look more beautiful and banish that terrible “baby face” look. While stubble can be a great excuse not to shave every day and save you time during your morning routine, it takes work. Without proper care and maintenance, your polished bristles can quickly end up looking unkempt. So if you want to be able to wear your stubble to the office with pride, it’s best to know how to get the perfect look.

What is thatch?

Stubble is the somewhat ambiguous length of facial hair between a clean shave and a short beard. Depending on how quickly your hair grows, stubble can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to grow. Although the stubble resembles a short beard, its lesser length means that the hairs stand out less from the skin. This means you can create a distinguished, manly look with stubble without stepping into the wilder territories of a beard.

What is thatch

stubble vs beard

Stubble, when done right, looks like the perfect growth of facial hair. While the first day or two may simply feel like you forgot to shave, after about the third day it will start to look deliberate and rugged. Its short length also allows for a clean, more polished look than a beard. While beards can be styled and look groomed, a well-groomed 3-day beard will always look neater. Perfect for men whose office doesn’t allow for a full beard, stubble is a great alternative. It offers the same masculine appeal without the extra wild aesthetic.

stubble vs beard

Will thatch suit me?

Unfortunately, facial hair is not for every man, so be aware before growing stubble that it may not turn out as expected. However, you’ll never know until you try, so don’t be afraid to try. Think about it, the worst that can happen is that you’ll have to shave. If you’re not ready to maintain your thatch, don’t bother growing it out, because it will just end up looking messy. If you often have adverse reactions to regular shaving, stubble might be your ideal option.

When growing stubble, pay attention to the overall appearance. If it’s uneven and just looks a bit bare, a clean-shaven look may be a better option. Also, once your initial stubble has grown, listen to feedback from friends and colleagues. Chances are, if you’re getting a lot of compliments, you should keep the stubble. If people still ask you if you forgot to shave after a week or two, stubble may not be for you.

Will stubble suit me

How to Grow Heavy Stubble

Every man’s facial hair grows at a different rate and thickness, so ultimately your genetics will determine how thick your stubble is. That being said, things can decrease or increase your abilities to grow heavy culms. Stress, poor diet, and physical damage will all slow and negatively affect growth. Living a healthy and healthy lifestyle, on the other hand, will always help you get the best growth possible, but there are a few other things you can do to help your 3 day beard. Taking supplements, such as biotin, zinc, vitamin B, and magnesium, can help your hair grow faster and healthier. Likewise, an increase in testosterone will also help you grow heavier stubble. Along with training to boost testosterone, you can also eat more red meat, spinach, nuts, avocados, olives, broccoli, and olive oil.

How to Grow Heavy Stubble

How to trim and maintain thatch

Stubble can be designed to look effortless, but make no mistake about it. You will need to spend some time caring for your stubble to get the right look. To maintain the ideal look, you will need to groom, trim and shape it regularly. However, you still want a natural and rugged appearance, so don’t overdo it in the grooming department. Create a mowing routine, based on how fast your thatch grows. Generally, grooming every 2-4 days will keep your 3-day beard suitably sleek. The idea is to keep the length neither too short nor too long. You want to trim and lightly shape your stubble for a natural yet groomed look.

Before trimming, exfoliate your skin by washing your face with a washcloth and a quality facial cleanser or scrub. Next, apply shaving oil and leave on for 30 seconds to soften your facial hair before trimming. When using the trimmer, be sure to have a light hand to maintain an organic appearance and avoid creating obvious straight edges or sharp lines. Trim the whiskers to an even length before setting the trimmer slightly shorter to blend the edges. The goal is to create a natural-looking fade from stubble to bare skin. Cleanly shave the areas outside of your stubble, such as your cheeks and lower neck. This will create a cleaner look and eliminate stray hairs. Then, apply an aftershave to calm the skin and soothe irritation.

How to trim and maintain thatch

How to style your stubble

Unlike a beard, stubble doesn’t need a lot of styling. Not only does its short length mean less maintenance, but it also means a natural look is preferred. While you of course want to keep your stubble trimmed and clean up any stray hairs around your cheeks and under the Adam’s apple, it’s best to leave your shape as it grows organically. When it comes to cleaning and grooming, thatch does not need to be shampooed. Simply cleansing your face regularly with a facial cleanser will do the trick. Plus, regularly softening the skin and stubble with a bit of moisturizer and beard oil will keep your stubble looking revitalized and polished while helping ward off itchy, dry skin. Try to avoid moisturizers that contain alcohol, as they can dry out your skin. Also, keep an eye out for specific stubble and scratch softeners to create soft, touchable facial hair.

How to style stubble

Best stubble trimmers

Before growing stubble, you should be armed with an electric mower with protective attachments. A quality clipper will make it easier to maintain the perfect stubble length and keep the hairs even, so you look clean and not scruffy. Not only will these superior trimmers help you keep your facial hair under control and prevent it from turning into a beard, but they will also give you complete control to make sure it doesn’t end up too short either.


How to get the perfect stubble

  • To find your perfect stubble length, start by growing a short beard, then slowly shorten the length of your facial hair until you achieve the look you want.
  • Use a good quality electric trimmer with adjustable lengths to easily ensure your stubble is the perfect length.
  • Prune your thatch regularly to maintain it.
  • Be sure to use a shorter length on your trimmer when trimming the edges of your stubble to create a natural fade to bare skin.
  • Use facial cleanser daily and beard oil/softener regularly for soft, itch-free hair.


How long is a 3 day beard?

Stubble has a rugged feel and can be a great way to accentuate your jawline. For facial hair to be considered stubble, it is about 3mm long, which is about three days of growth.

Is a 3 day beard attractive?

A stubble beard is one of the easiest options for facial hair and one of the most popular. The short length also makes it an incredibly versatile option that is also low maintenance and has a decidedly sturdy yet stylish appearance. Many men and women find this to be one of, if not the most attractive facial hair styles.

Why can’t I grow thatch?

Poor beard growth is often linked to low testosterone levels. This could be the reason why you are unable to grow stubble. You can stimulate hair growth by eating well, exercising and having good habits, but there are some beard and facial oils you can try that may also help.

How long does it take to grow thatch?

The time it takes to grow stubble depends on your hair growth rate, but in general it should take around 3-4 days. On average, a man’s facial hair grows at a rate of half an inch per month.

What helps with thatch growth?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including eating enough fruits and vegetables, and good habits can help keep your hormone levels in balance and provide your body with enough nutrients to grow hair. You can also take supplements, such as vitamin B, designed for hair growth, and use beard oils and balms to stimulate growth and moisturize the skin.


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