How to Get Rid of a Hairy Back For Good

How to get rid of a hairy back

Being a hairy man is nothing to be ashamed of! After all, most women consider a little body hair to be endearing or just not a problem. But there’s one thing a lot of people can’t stand: slicked back hair. As a guy, you can get away with armpit hair, a beard, or even a little chest hair. But for some reason, back hair is less popular, which is why we’ve developed this guide that will teach you how to get rid of your hairy back for good.

Why is my back hairy?

Since it has no apparent function, you are probably wondering why you have back hair. The reason is down to your hormones. Many guys are genetically predisposed to grow hair in certain places. In scientific terms, it is called hypertrichosis, a disease that affects men and accelerates the growth of their body hair. But don’t stress! The growth will not cause any damage.

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Do women like hairy backs?

While some women like a man with a hairy back, others tend to disagree. For many women, it’s about being hairless. After all, keeping everything bare makes it look smooth and clean. So, if you’re one of those guys with a hairy back and you’re not feeling very confident, take our advice and consider getting rid of it. You can always let it grow back if you don’t like the look and feel.

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How to remove back hair

Back to Razors

One of the most common, affordable and painless methods of hair removal is shaving. Since most men shave frequently, this should be the easiest option. Before you shave, you’ll want to trim your back hair first, otherwise you risk irritating the skin. For best results you will also want to use shaving cream and a good quality back razor. This way the hair is cut easily at an angle that won’t cause irritation when it starts to grow back. The only major drawback of shaving is that it only cuts the hairs and does not remove them from the root. This means that it will grow back fairly quickly.

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Laser hair removal

Laser treatments aim to permanently remove the hair root. They tend to be expensive and usually require multiple procedures over a period of months. It all depends on how much hair your back has, how thick your hair is, and your hormones. You will also need to avoid sun exposure for a few weeks before and after your treatment. And even when the hair is gone after the treatment is over, there’s no guarantee it won’t come back after a few years. Laser hair removal is a specialized procedure, so you need to make sure you go to the right place. This form of hair removal should be performed in a clinic by a trained operator.

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In-salon waxing

The most painful choice, of course, is waxing. That aside, the best thing about this method is its speed and efficiency. Plus, since the hair is pulled out at the root, you’ll have at least two hair-free weeks! So if you’re leaning towards waxing, we recommend going to a professional. Not only will they do it faster and less painfully, but they will also get the cleanest hair removal. Besides that, there are a lot of things that can go wrong with waxing. Doing it the wrong way could lead to ingrown hairs, irritation, or even infection. But if you have a low pain threshold, there are always other options.

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Hair removal at home

If you prefer to be in control yourself, there is an alternative to in-salon waxing. Home waxing is much more affordable, however, it comes with a much higher risk of things going wrong. But if you’re determined to do it yourself, then you’ll want to grab someone you trust and find a good wax. Make sure the temperature isn’t too high, then have your assistant apply it to the hair in the same direction as it grows. Once you are all soaped up, apply the strips then tear them off in the opposite direction.

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Hair removal cream

Hair removal cream is a convenient alternative to waxing. There are so many products on the market to choose from. Simply apply the cream to the hairy area, wait a while, then wipe it off. The downside to this method is that you may have overly sensitive skin and have a bad reaction. Another thing you should consider is that the cream works the same way as a razor. It only cuts the hair, it does not remove it from its root. This means the hair will grow back much faster.

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How can I prevent hair from growing on my back?

Back hair removal for cosmetic reasons can be done using several methods. These include waxing, using a good quality back razor, cream hair removal and a more permanent laser hair removal option.

Can you get rid of back hair permanently?

If you’re tired of waxing and shaving your back, you might want to consider something more permanent. This can be achieved with laser hair removal. The treatments aim to completely remove the hairline and perform several procedures over a long period of time before completing the treatment. That said, there’s no guarantee the hair won’t grow back in a few years, but the good news is that you won’t have to shave every few days.

How can I remove back hair naturally?

If you prefer using natural hair removal methods, there are pastes you can mix up and try. The internet is full of recipes that include mixing equal amounts of turmeric powder and gram flour, then sesame oil to create a paste designed to remove unwanted hair. You can also make natural hair wax using beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, and several essential oils.

Is it bad to shave your back hair?

If you have hair on your back and want to shave it, absolutely do so. Will the hair grow back? Yes, but if you don’t mind continuing to shave, there’s nothing wrong with doing so. An electric razor is a good alternative to a razor.


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