How to Get More Cashmere in Harvest Moon: One World

Cashmere is a rare and valuable material in Harvest Moon: One World. To get it, players need to unlock Cashmere Goats at Jamil’s animal shop.

The main story of Harvest Moon: One World has players traveling to find Harvest Wisps and unlock seeds to restore the world’s crops after the Harvest Goddess’ disappearance. Players need to unlock various seeds to progress in the game and to build and upgrade their farm with both crops and livestock. As more seeds are found and players add more livestock to their farms, they will unlock more materials to use while crafting. One of the most valuable materials players can obtain in Harvest Moon: One World is Cashmere. Cashmere is primarily used to produce warm cloaks that can help preserve stamina when exploring the snowy mountain biome.

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To get Cashmere, players will need to have a Cashmere Goat on their farm. This rare animal is only available after players complete a series of quests to get more food for the animals at Jamil and his mother’s Animal Shop. In their adulthood, Cashmere Goats can produce one unit of Cashmere per day, which should be plenty to use when crafting. Here’s how to get Cashmere in Harvest Moon: One World.

How to Unlock the Cashmere Goat in Harvest Moon: One World

A player talks to Jamil in Harvest Moon: One World

After the opening scene of Harvest Moon: One World, players will meet Jamil and his mother, owners of the animal shop at Pastilla village. The animal shop has a sparse collection of available livestock at first. Players can unlock new animals each time they complete one of Jamil’s four Protecting Animals quests.

During the Protecting Animals quests, players will need to find seeds for four different crops and grow a certain number of each crop for Jamil to feed the animals. This can be somewhat tricky, as certain seeds are only available in specific locations and at certain times of day. Many of these crops also have long growing cycles and yield only one vegetable at a time, so players will want to gather and plant multiple seeds to complete the quest more quickly. For example, when Jamil asks for four Broccoli, players should try to find four Broccoli seeds, plant them all, and pick the four Broccoli at the end of the growing cycle to take to Jamil.

A player feeds and pets a baby Cashmere Goat in Harvest Moon: One World

Players will need to grow and bring the following crops to Jamil to unlock these animals in the shop:

  • Protecting Animals 1: 6 Chickpeas; Unlocks: Goats
  • Protecting Animals 2: 8 Barley; Unlocks: Araucana Chickens and Jersey Cows
  • Protecting Animals 3: 4 Broccoli; Unlocks: Reindeer
  • Protecting Animals 4: 4 Pointy Cabbage; Unlocks: Cashmere Goats and Silkie Chickens

Each time players return the crops to Jamil, the new animals will become available right away. Players will need to speak to Jamil again to receive the next quest in line. Because Jamil is also a marriage candidate in Harvest Moon: One World, players looking to romance him can use these quests as another opportunity to strike up a conversation.

Once players deliver four Pointy Cabbages to Jamil, they can purchase a Cashmere Goat for 20,000G. They will need to raise the goat from a kid to an adult, which takes around 14 in-game days. As with any animal, they will need to brush, pet, and feed the Cashmere Goat to nurture it into adulthood. Once it is grown, a Cashmere goat will produce on skein of Cashmere daily.

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Harvest Moon: One World is available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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