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How to Get Blood Out of Clothes

How to Get Blood Out of Clothes

How to Get Blood Out of Clothes: We were all there: As you try to balance your child’s bags, boxes, and toys in your arms, plunge and scratch your knees. Even if you’re a pro at recovering, the bloodstains on your pant leg show something else. Cleaning your wound – even if it is minor – should always be your first concern, but then it’s time to do it attack the bloodstain on your clothes, especially when it’s still fresh.

How to Get Blood Out of Clothes
How to Get Blood Out of Clothes

Wear white? Do not worry. Carolyn Forte, director of Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab recommends that you take the same approach to removing blood from clothing. The only catch: check the labels on your clothes to make sure that bleach (the MVP that removes stains) doesn’t stain or ruin the fabric. And while everyone is always looking for the latest Home remedies To remove stains (think of vinegar, baking soda, or toothpaste), according to Forte, it’s better to stick to what works. That is why there is this simple step-by-step guide on how best to remove fresh and dried blood.

How to get blood out of clothes

Like most other stains, the easiest way to remove blood is when it is fresh. Once you notice blood on your clothes, go to your medicine cabinet and washroom to collect supplies, and then get to work by following these instructions.

    1. Soak the stain in cold water as soon as possible. When the stain is super fresh, place it under cold running water to rinse out as much blood as possible.
    2. When fresh, wipe the stain with hydrogen peroxide or rub soap into the stain and scrub by hand in cold water.
    3. Pretreat or rub in laundry liquid detergent and wash the remaining stain in warm water with a tissue-safe bleach until the stain is gone
    4. Do not put the garment in the dryer until the stain has completely disappeared.

How to get dried blood from clothes

Just because you were waiting to remove an old bloodstain doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. Instead, you just need a little patience and a strong stain remover.

    1. Soak the garment in a mixture of cold water and water laundry detergent or stain remover like Carbona Oxy Powered Laundry Soaker.
    2. Pretreat and wash with tissue-safe bleach. (For your information, this may take several hours depending on the severity of the stain.)
    3. If this doesn’t work, mix 1 liter of water with 1 teaspoon of detergent and 1 tablespoon of ammonia and treat it on site.


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