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How to Get Any Woman Literally Addicted to You – A literally Must-Read For You

As the old saying goes, “Love is a battlefield…especially when you’re on it”.

Now if you’re anything like how I think most guys are then you’ve had the pleasure of seeing the hottest girls turn into putty in your hands just because you know how to turn them on. You’ve gone up and talked to a few girls and had some success. So what’s next? What do you do to keep the momentum going so you get those kisses and hug after every date?

Get Any Woman Literally Addicted to You
Get Any Woman Literally Addicted to You

Well, for starters, you realize it’s not enough to get her number and walk her back to her place. After all, the goal is to take her home as well, right?

But here’s how you should make sure she stays interested in you long enough for you to secure that second date:

  1. Keep her guessing

Be slightly aloof. Let her know that you’re interested, but also let her imagine what you’re really up to behind those teardrops.

Nothing will intrigue a woman more than keeping her guessing.diva lifestyleis all well and goodas the world will perceive you as, you can be anything you want to be from the minute to the minute. But women, generally speaking, tend touma lot about what they don’t know.

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When you’re at a loss for what to say, the next thing you need to do is think of something interesting to share. If you’re stuck for ideas, you can also do this thing: During your conversation with her, tell her about the interesting things that happened to you over the week. You can share stories about some of the wacky things that happened and why hilarious things happened. But be sure to keep it brief, so she doesn’t think you’re just spouting off the last thing you wrote. You see if she doesn’t know what else you have going on besides your charming wit, the key to keeping her next to you on a third date is to still make her want to know more about you.

  1. Keep the mystery

Women who know that they’re on a coming-soon date forget where they stand. The very best way to achieve this is to really be vague at the beginning of your interaction and make sure she never quite knows what you’re trying to pull.

Don’t spill all the beans; unveil each layer as soon as you possibly can. collect clues, ask questions and make her fill in the gaps before you know it.

  1. Leave out the dross

While you may be a decent guy, your hair might not be clean or your teeth not perfectly white, and that’s okay. Women aren’t interested in men who have everything else going for them.

Yes, for all of your many wonderful qualities, you’re still goin’ down the wrong path. Women want men to invest in themselves as much as they invest in them.

Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t let her in on the fact that not all of your parts are in perfect shape. When you can, highlight the things you’re great at doing to let her know you care about your own interests..

If she’s adventurous, share your little secret love story with her. If your humor comes incue, lighten her mood by cracking a joke so outrageous that all her group of friends had to hear it, and so on.

  1. Make her think

Guys like to have things pretty easy, and while we don’t mind making the best financial decision ever, occasionally it’s nice to have someone else come in and clue us in.

After you’ve been together for some time, the mystery is gone, the career-boosting moves and the budding relationship are right there.

That’s why the best way to keep things interesting is to keep her guessing, make her think. Think about going on a vacation together, or think about what you enjoy doing together. Let her know so that she can fantasize about it.

  1. Fun and flirting, not sex

If you have the numbers of a Russian woman, don’t drag the plump female around your apartment for hours at a time, prepare some fantastic dinner and spread all over her.

At the end of the evening and before saying goodnight, Delay the encounter to the bedroom with the promise of more fun to come.

When you start a great conversation with nothing on the agenda, you create a great connection. It loses you no one when you have nothing serious on your mind.

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