How to Find (& Beat) Tetranadon in Monster Hunter Rise

Each of the creatures within Monster Hunter Rise have their own weaknesses and immunities to take advantage of. Here are the ones for the Tetranodon.

With so many different types of monsters in Monster Hunter Rise and each one having different immunities and resistances, it can be hard to remember how to fight each one, like the Tetranadon. The Tetranadon is an amphibious creature with looks similar to a crocodile, platypus, frog, and even the kappa. We’ll be covering what way to approach this swamp thing and its weaknesses to take advantage of.

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Each of the monsters has a couple of weaknesses, resistances, and immunities to different damage types, ailments, and more. Even certain parts of the creature’s body will be easier to attack, or certain aspects of the creature’s behavior expose it to danger from the player. The first thing that the player needs to know though is where to find a Tetranadon.

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How to Track Down and Hunt the Tetranadon in Monster Hunter Rise

As the Tetranadon is amphibious, there are two main places players should look for them. This includes the Shrine Ruins and Frost Islands. Along with its natural habitat, this creature exposes itself to danger when eating. The best time for a player to strike the creature is directly after it has eaten. This is because the Tetranadon becomes incredibly bloated after eating other creatures whole. The bloating causes the creature to become slow and stand up on its hind legs. However, while this grants the player a good chance for attacks, it won’t last. Once the player has attacked the Tetranadon, it will force itself to throw up the contents of its stomach.

With this noted, players should think about what types of weapons to use against the creature. The Tetranadon is weakest to Cutting damage but is also quite affected by Blunt and Ammo damage as well. Players should remember to avoid using Water damage as these creatures are completely immune to it. Outside of that, Thunder is the most useful type of elemental damage. Players can also give the creature an ailment or a trap. The best ailments to use are Paralysis, Blast, and Thunderblight. The best traps to use against the Tetranadon are the Pitfall Trap, Shock Trap, Flash Bomb, and Dung Bomb.

Lastly, players should focus on the soft spots of the creature when attacking. If attacking the Tetranadon after a heavy meal, they should focus on long-chained and heavy attacks across the creature’s stomach. Otherwise, the creature will be on all fours and quite a bit faster and players should focus on attacking their head.

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Monster Hunter Rise is available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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