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How to factory reset the Galaxy Note 4 for better performance

Galaxy Note 4 An animal, plain and simple. But this does not mean that it still cannot benefit from occasional refreshments. Know how to reset factory Galaxy Note 4 Necessary to run your beloved Note 4 smoothly and fast. Here’s how to do it.

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Backup before resetting your galaxy note 4

A word of warning: It is important to always backup before you reset your phone. Factory reset returns the device the way it used to when it came out of the box. This means no app, no data, no priority. Before hard resetting the Galaxy Note 4, make sure you have a full backup of all your apps and data. Follow our guide at how top back Android If you need help

AndroidPIT Galaxy S4 Lollipop Settings Factory Data Reset
It is a good idea to do a factory reset after an Android update to fix any bugs or problems. / © ANDROIDPIT

As a quick recommendation, if you are not rooted, we recommend ClockworkMod Carbon. Just download the app from the button below and Download Carbon (aka Helium) to your PC And follow the steps. If you are rooted, you can select backup options.

How to reset your galaxy note 4

There are two ways to reset the Note 4: a simpler version that uses your Note 4’s Settings menu, or a slightly more complex method that uses the device’s hardware buttons. It is useful to know that your device will not boot or the display will not turn on. If the screen is broken, you can also step from memory.

Factory reset using the settings menu

1. Go for Settings> Backup and Reset.

2. Select your options for Google Backup at the top.

3. Tap factory reset At the bottom and confirm your selection.

4. Your Galaxy Note 4 will reboot and reset itself.

5. When your Galaxy Note 4 reboots, you can restore your apps and data.

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Once you reset your Note 4, you can restore your apps and data. / © ANDROIDPIT

Factory reset using hardware button

1. Turn off your Galaxy Note 4.

2. Press and hold Power, Sound fast And this House Till you see button Recovery booting In blue at the top of your screen. Release the button.

3. Now you will be in recovery mode. Use the volume buttons to scroll up and down and Power Button to confirm. Erasing the cache partition while here is not bad, but it is not necessary.

4. Scroll down wipe data / factory reset And press Power to confirm.

5. Scroll down Yes And press Power to confirm.

6. You will see a notification in yellow at the bottom of the screen to confirm the reset is complete. Scroll to Reboot system now And hit Power to confirm.

7. Your Galaxy Note 4 will now reboot. Once it reboots, you can restore your application and data.

Is your Galaxy Note 4 a little smoother now? How much do you care about your note 4? Tell us in the comments.

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