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Yesterday: Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin. Today: Dakota Johnson and Heidi Klum. These are just some of the many stars who, over the years, have succumbed to the irresistible fringe recall, a sort of “accessory”, capable of framing the gaze perfectly, giving personality and charisma to the face.

Obviously, the fringe does not give exactly to everyone and it is better to know it in advance. As he remembers Antonia Mastromauro, at the head of the salon Mastromauro Hair & Beauty of Milan, “If the proportions and the type of fringe (full or parade, mini or maxi) do a lot, it is true that on very round faces it is less suitable, while it is recommended for those with an elongated face, for those with a particularly high forehead, but also for anyone who has a look with personality, to be highlighted instantly “.

For those who already have this cut and have no intention of moving on to another look, what they are advice on how dry the bangs perfectly and, therefore, avoid ruffles and / or rebellious tufts? Let’s see together the essential steps after the shower.

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How to dry long and short bangs: how to

Since we are of the opinion that you always learn (and improve) from mistakes, let’s start with do not regarding fringe and drying. Second Mario Firriolo, partner Wella, “The main error what we tend to do is that blow dry your hair upside down, not respecting the direction of the bangs. In this way the roots are raised and the fringe becomes necessarily rebellious and indomitable. Whether it’s short (Amélie style) or long (Dakota style), the movement and direction of the fringe must be followed with not too strong air jet. One time 90% dry it is ideal to help yourself with one Brush flat to give it a light polish. In summerhowever, you can also opt for a more natural look and less set, leaving to air dry “.

Two products to manage the “rebel” fringe

The summer effect, we have seen, is deliberately not perfect and this relieves us of expensive post-washing rituals. “In general, drying and styling of the fringe can do without the use of products, especially in this season. If, however, you need to manage one rebel bangs and use the plate smoothing, yes to a thermo-protective product specific, to be used before use: besides putting the hair away from heat damage, it will give shine and texture to your bangs. If the problem is for you represented by the high level of humidity, I recommend one instead strong hold spray, combable and repeatable to obtain the desired effect and feel serene in the yield long lasting“.

Heat Protection Spray by Wella Professionnals

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