How to download the iOS 16 developer beta right now

Apple has officially announced iOS 16, the next generation of its iPhone operating system. The latest iOS release promises some cool and exciting new features, including a fully customizable lock screen complete with widgets, shared iCloud Photo Libraries for families, Live Text in videos, and more.

Although the final iOS 16 release won’t arrive before July, Apple has already released the first beta for developers to play with and get their apps ready, and it won’t be long before a public beta arrives. If you’re itching to try out the latest iOS 16 features, here’s how to sign up for the beta programs and download the latest pre-release software.

Typically, early betas of major iOS releases aren’t available to the public, and iOS 16 isn’t an exception. The first beta of iOS 16 is only open to members of the Apple Developer Program, and this will likely continue for the next couple of beta releases. Apple usually releases a public beta sometime in late June or early July, often in tandem with the second or third developer beta. At that time, anybody who wants to get their hands on it can sign up for Apple’s free Beta