How to do Gold Facial at Home Yourself and Benefits

how to do gold facial at home yourself

How to do Gold Facial at home step by step

Gold facials are undoubtedly the best beauty treatments that women in India would like to go for when they are heading for a party, wedding or when they are the bride. It’s the benefits of gold particles that make this facial a must have to induce the natural glow and fairness to the skin. Even, if we do the regular cleansing, toning and moisturization kind of skin care routine, then also going for a facial once in 15 days can show amazing results in your skin. But the main problem is that these gold facials are very costly. A gold facial at a salon/parlor can cost you somewhere from 1500- 3000. That also depends on the parlor you are going to. So, why not try doing a gold facial at home yourself. It will save lot of money and time of course. Do you know that the Gold facial kit from VLCC for one time usage is just for 250 Rupees. Then there are gold facial kits from other brands like Shahnaz Hussain, Jovees etc which range from 400 to 1000 rupees and can be used up to 5-6 times. So that way per facial cost would be very less. These kits have the 24 carat gold powder or gold ash. The gold collagen mask is also considered beneficial for wrinkled skin.

So, doing home gold facial is the best deal for you. Now you must be thinking how to do gold facial at home?. For that we will share the step by step procedure with which you can do the facial on yourself using the gold facial kit products.

how to do gold facial at home

Products in the Gold Facial Kit

Most of the people love gold facial and their reviews are also good. Basically in all facial kits you will see 4 products so, in the gold kit for facial there will be:
  • Gold Cleanser
  • Gold Scrub
  • Gold massage cream
  • Gold facial pack or gold mask

How to Use the Gold Facial Kit at Home: Method

1. Cleansing:

First of all take the Gold cleanser and massage all over the face and after 60 seconds wipe it off with a clean towel or a damp cotton pad. The gold cleaner help to detoxify the skin from the epidermal layers by eliminating the impurities. It wipes off the dust that is there on the uppermost surface of the skin.

2. Steaming:

Then the second step would be to steam the skin which loosens the dead skin cells and blackheads on the face. Steaming is a process that you have to do on your own as it makes the skin pores get declogged and also softens the blackheads and whiteheads. Take a bowl of hot water and bend over that with a towel over your head to prevent the steam from escaping. Now, steam your face for 5-7 minutes.

3. Scrubbing:

After the steaming. Take some gold facial scrub and apply all over the facial skin and neck. Gently scrub and exfoliate the face with gentle movements. Concentrate and rub little harder on the nose, cheeks where there are blocked pores. This will open your blocked pores. Wash the face with clean water after scrubbing for 2-3 minutes.

4. Massaging:

Massaging tightens and tones the facial skin and muscles. It also improves the blood circulation which gives the glow. Now take your gold facial massage cream and then gently massage your face with that. Use some water if the cream gets thick. Keep massaging for at least 10-25 minutes. This is the most important step in the gold facial as the gold particles will enhance the collagen production and skin gets the glow.

5. Gold Facial Mask or Pack:

After the massaging wipe off the extra cream if there is on your face. then apply the gold face pack. Let it dry and after that rinse the face with plain water. Use a toner to tone your face. If you don’t have toner then use cucumber juice with the help of a cotton ball and apply a light moisturizer.

gold facial kit at home

A lot of gold facial kits in the market come with the gold serum, gel or moisturiser that needs to be used after the toner as we mentioned else any regular serum or moisturiser will work. If there is a gold bleach in the kit as well, then use the bleach first, wash the face then do this gold facial at the home.

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Advantages and Benefits of Gold facial for skin

Gold facial is good for all the skin types and even for those of you with the sensitive skin as it doesn’t irritate the skin.

Gold particles in the facial kit, helps to brighten the dull complexion and removes skin tanning in a gentle manner

Gold facial also improves the skin tone and texture this is why Gold and pearl and diamond facials are advised to the brides for fairer skin tone before wedding

Gold particles give the skin anti aging protection and reverse the sun damage

Gold facial also lightens the skin pigmentation and blemishes for youthful skin

It also helps in the lymphatic drainage or in other words removal of toxins

It enhances the skin’s natural collagen production hence the elasticity improves and skin stays younger a lot longer.

This facial with gold also gives the skin a glow and radiance which is the best advantage of gold kit.

Side Effects of Gold Facial

There are no possible or known side effects of the gold facial as such but if your skin is sensitive towards this element then there can be some redness and itching. Therefore, if you experience some redness or mild itching discontinue using the gold facial and rather go for some other facial like fruit, silver, pearl etc. Pearl facials are soothing and are considered good for the sensitive dark skin.

This is how you can do your gold facial at home and save money. If you are thinking of doing the diamond facial or the pearl facial at home then too the procedure remains the same almost and you can do them yourself or for your mother, friend, sister or sister-in-law.

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