How to Develop Photos in Among Us Airship Map

One of the new tasks on the Among Us Airship Map has players develop three photos. This task comes with a delay period crewmates must navigate.

The new Airship map has finally gone live in Among Us, and crewmates and Impostors alike can find new things to enjoy about it, from the nine all-new rooms to the over a dozen new tasks that give them more possible activities in a traditional match. Many of the new tasks on the Airship require multiple steps, from Resetting the Breakers to Sorting Records. Others, like Put Away Pistols or Rifles or Develop Photos are somewhat less involved. Developing Photos is a new long task that shares some similarities with Inspect Sample. Crewmates must begin the task, then go do something else for a brief time delay, then return to complete the task.

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When a crewmate is assigned the Develop Photos task, they will need to enter the dark room in the Main Hall and drop three photos in water. They will need to return once the photos are fully developed to finish the task. While not too difficult to complete, this kind of task can be confusing at first and can leave crewmates vulnerable to attack by the Impostor if they spend too much time trying to figure it out. Here’s how to complete the Develop Photos task on the Airship in Among Us.

How to Develop Photos in Among Us

The Develop Photos task in Among Us

Like the Inspect Sample task, Developing Photos in Among Us is a delayed long task. It will take about 60 seconds for the task to complete once the crewmate takes care of the first phase. Rather than standing and waiting, crewmates can and should go do something else during that delay to avoid becoming an easy target for the Impostor and to help push the crewmate team to a win.

The dark room is located in the Main Hall of the Airship. The Main Hall primarily contains a few small sleeping quarters and cabins. It is the second to last room on the north side, just to the west of the Showers. Players will recognize it by its dim, almost purple lighting and the Polaroid-style photos hanging on a line.

During the first phase of the Develop Photos task, crewmates will need to enter the dark room and place three traditional Polaroids into a basin of water. Once the third photo has been dropped in, a 60-second countdown will begin in the crewmate’s task window.

Electrical room on the Airship in Among Us

Crewmates can go complete other tasks nearby during the 60-second window. They do not need to wait in the dark room until the task completes. In fact, doing so is often dangerous and a waste of time that could be spent successfully completing more tasks and advancing the crewmates toward victory.

Once the countdown completes, the crewmate’s Tasks list will tell them to return to the Main Hall to finish developing their photos. There is no time limit, so crewmates who are involved in other tasks can take their time getting back to the dark room. Once they do, they simply need to interact with the basin again for the task to register as complete. They should see photos of other crewmates, particularly photos of Fortegreen, a color no longer available in Among Us.

There is a known bug that sometimes occurs when crewmates interact with the basin to remove the photos. If players encounter this bug, they simply need to open, close, then reopen the task. The task will automatically complete when it is reopened.

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Among Us is available for Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and Android.

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