How To Delete WhatsApp Account

WhatsApp is one of the largest messaging apps on the planet, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Here’s how to delete a WhatsApp account in seconds.

There’s no denying the popularity of WhatsApp, but for some users, it might be time to delete their account and move on to another messaging service. On its own, WhatsApp is a solid messaging platform. It’s easy to set up and use, is filled with a ton of useful features, and protects conversations with end-to-end encryption. The problem for many, however, lies with Facebook.

Beginning May 15, 2021, WhatsApp will have a closer integration with its parent company Facebook. While the change is only to do with when users interact with businesses and won’t grant Facebook access to their conversations on WhatsApp, it has shone a light on Facebook’s ownership of the platform and the idea of sharing any personal info with Facebook doesn’t sit well with a lot of people. If someone doesn’t agree to the new terms on May 15, they simply won’t be able to use WhatsApp.

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For anyone choosing to move to another messaging platform, deleting a WhatsApp account that’s no longer going to be used is a good idea. Per the WhatsApp support page, open the app, tap the three dots in the upper-right corner, and then tap ‘Settings.’ On the Settings page, tap ‘Account’ and then ‘Delete my account.’ WhatsApp will then ask to confirm the country and phone number associated with the account, and with that done, users can then tap the big ‘Delete My Account’ button. From there, WhatsApp then asks to provide a reason for wanting to delete the account, offers an optional text box where users can give advice on how WhatsApp can improve, and finally displays one final warning screen to let users know that the decision is final. So long as users keep tapping the ‘Delete My Account’ button at the bottom, they’ll eventually get to the end and have the process completed.

What Happens When A WhatsApp Account Is Deleted?

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Deleting WhatsApp account

While deleting a WhatsApp account is quite easy, the implications it has are rather big. As such, everyone that wants to delete their account should be aware of what happens upon doing so. Once a WhatsApp account is deleted, users will lose all of their WhatsApp message history, be removed from group chats they’re a part of, and any Google Drive backups will be deleted. It’s also impossible to regain access to the deleted WhatsApp account once the deed is done, so keep that in mind before proceeding.

For anyone concerned about what happens to their personal data upon deleting their account, WhatsApp notes that it can take up to 90 days to fully delete everything once the process is started. WhatsApp also says that copies of user information “may also remain after the 90 days in the backup storage” so that it can be recovered in the event of a disaster or software error. Even so, this info is only accessible by WhatsApp and not the user.

As for whether or not people should delete their WhatsApp account, that’s a personal decision everyone needs to make for themselves. There’s no reason to keep an account if a user has moved on from the app to a different messaging service, but given that this is a permanent decision that can’t be reversed, it should still be carefully considered.

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