How to Defog the Windows in Your Car

Cold, wet weather increases the likelihood that your windshield will fog up, and using your sleeve to wipe it down is not the best option. Every car is equipped with a defogger which, as the name suggests, was designed to clear fog in minutes – and, sometimes, seconds. Here is the best way to defog your windows.

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Turn on the air conditioning system

Whether it’s the dead of winter when it’s cold outside or the dead of summer when it’s super hot, your car’s air conditioning system does more than just regulate the temperature in the cabin. It also serves as a dehumidifier. On most newer cars, the easiest way to remove fog is to just press the button with the defogger icon (shown below).

The defogger normally sets the blower fan to its highest setting. As long as your car’s air conditioning system is working properly, your windows should be fog-free in no time. Turn it off as soon as you can see it.

What to do if your car’s air conditioning system is not working properly?

We totally understand; air conditioning repairs get expensive very quickly. If the air no longer comes out of the vents, or if it is not hot enough to dispel the fog, we recommend that you keep a roll of paper towels, napkins or a set of clean rags handy. inside your car. This way, you will avoid using your hands or sleeves to wick away the condensation and you will not leave any marks on the windshield. It is much wiser to do this when you are parked.

Alternatively, the proven solution of cracking a window works, even if you’re going to freeze until you can see.

And the best way to keep your windows from misting up?

A simple window cleaner like Windex should keep your windows clean and clear. Keep in mind that it will leave an unpleasant residue if not wiped off properly. This leads to a host of issues such as streaks and streaks when the windows fog up, making them even more difficult to clean and see through.

One option is to use a dedicated car window cleaner, such as Rain-X or Invisible Glass. These products are specially designed so as not to leave traces. In addition, they are not difficult to obtain. Whether you buy in store or online, these products are available in abundance. Let’s not forget that they are also inexpensive. It’s hard to ignore an offer of a full package like this.

If you want to be assured that a product will provide you with clean, clear windows, we recommend using Rain-X window cleaner and the water repellent treatment. This treatment effectively inhibits the formation of condensation on the glass by covering it with a translucent sheen.

When you neglect the buildup of fog on your windows, you are putting your life at risk. Knowing how to deal with the effects of mixing frigid exterior conditions and your car’s warm interior environment can save your life. These tips will keep you safe and out of harm’s way.

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