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How to cut a man’s hair: all you need

How to cut a man’s hair: all you need

Go to the hairdresser? At the time of writing this piece, the possibility of treating yourself to a treatment in the salon is still quite far away (probably late May, but with a date yet to be defined). Within the walls of the house, from North to South, more and more people are wondering, in addition to fringe, dye and snack, how to cut i hair to a man. That they are husbands, boyfriends, children, friends, brothers it is known that the haircuts male it takes very little to get out of shape, becoming unmanageable. How can we avoid making disasters and get a man cut worthy of the name, capable of holding even a business meeting on Zoom? Word to the expert Carlo Leggieri, hair influencer and ID Artist Redken Brews, distinguishing between three types of length and cut.

How to cut a man's hair: all you need
How to cut a man’s hair: all you need

1. How to cut a man’s hair: adjust a short cut

“If you live with someone, get help, especially as regards the rear area of the head. Alternatively, get one mirror to keep every movement (and result) under control. Before starting touch every point of your head. It seems trivial, but it is used to understand where the bones of the skull change shape or curve, using the machine accordingly. Other tip: avoid making a gradient that runs horizontally around the head.

Better to create a shade that is slightly diagonal in the back area, in order not to remove too much hair where roundness is more important.

Use of the machine:

when you lean it on your head, you will have to climb almost until it touches the curvature of the bone and, from that point on, remove it. If you realize that the part above the end of the shave “ticks”, help yourself with a scissor, to be used vertically, always following the shape of the shave. Better to always work on damp hair, so that you have good control of what you are doing. “

2. When the cut is medium

“This type of cut adjusts in a much more intuitive way since it just fixes the area hairlines to instantly obtain a cleansing and orderly effect. Consider two passages: first you devote yourself to sideburns area, combing i wet hair towards the face and, with the tip of the scissors, adjusting the lengths always following the shape of the attachment; then we move on to earlap, combing damp hair straight down and, always with the tip of the scissors, following the natural line of the hairline and finishing the whole tour “.

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3. To adjust a medium-long male cut

“The medium-long cut is, of all, the easiest to manage. Proceed by combing the hair, in this case keeping the hair dry, to have a clear view of what’s wrong. Now with the tip of the scissors cut with small strokes the tips that come out of the cut. I emphasize the importance of both using the tip of the scissors and proceeding with small movements, so as not to create holes in the mass of hair “.

P.S. “Be small adjustments to see each other in order, pending the official reopening of the salons and a well done cut. But don’t forget that trends speak for one return of long hair for man!”.

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