How To Cure Pregnancy Hair Loss and Hair Fall

How To Cure Pregnancy Hair Loss and Hair Fall

How To Cure Pregnancy Hair Loss and Hair Fall: During pregnancy almost all women go through a lot of changes. The feeling of ‘being pregnant’ is heavenly for a woman. People start taking care of you, family members start selecting or fighting for baby’s name. All fun and joy! But, pregnancy and child birth changes the levels of the body hormones thus gives rise to different problems one of the major problem is hair loss.

You don’t need to freak out just because, you’re losing a lot of hair per day. It’s just for a time being you’re in a shedding phase. Yes! You can blame your hormones for that. The term ‘Telogen Effluvium’ is used for hair loss which occurs after pregnancy but, we are going to sort it out for you.

Ways To Cure Pregnancy Hair Loss and Hair Fall

You can follow the below points to minimize the female hair loss and damage caused due to pregnancy-

Avoid Stress

In all circumstances you need to avoid stress as this phase is really disturbing. You have to keep yourself calm and patient because, your body needs rest and you also need to take care of the baby. Ask for help unapologetically to family members, don’t shy away. Try to relax in between.

Proper Diagnosis

Sometime, the hair loss causes are not found easily. People tend to blame everything on just one thing. That’s why you need to get tests done to check whether you have any zinc or iron or any other form of deficiencies and stay in touch with your doctor. You can also include Biotin tablets by consulting with your doctor. See: Benefits of mulethi powder for hair

Good Diet and Vitamins

Increase the intake of healthy fruits and nuts. Do not skip your vitamins or supplements intake during this time or if you’re in doubt, consult with your doctor. Try to eat foods rich in vitamin C and vitamin B complex which helps in hair loss problems. You can include whole grains, butter, ghee, soya, leafy vegetables, fruit or vegetable juices, curd, nuts etc. You need to stay hydrated and drink more water. Also see: Ginger for hair thickening

Coloring and Styling

Handle your hair with care! Try to avoid tight hairstyles, hair twisting and pulling, using hair rollers or tight hair clips. You can experiment with colors later on when your hair can handle that but for now, you shouldn’t be!

Right Hair Care Products

Choose a good quality of shampoo & conditioner or the one which causes less damage to your hair and makes them manageable. Try to use widely spaced comb to comb or detangle your hair. Oil that suits your hair is best or you can use essential oil like thyme, rosemary and lavender and dilute them with coconut oil or almond oil for oil massage.

Try new hair cuts

You can cut your hair short or give a try to new trendy short hair style. This will make your hair loss problem a little invisible because, short hair doesn’t require much maintenance compare to long hair. You won’t face problems like detangling or split ends very often with short hair also it will save you time to change your babies diapers because, with short hair you don’t have to be always worried about them.

By following these things you can’t completely get rid of hair loss problem but, if you take care of yourself you can minimize further damage. If you could steal a little time out of your busy routine try to pamper your hair with hair masks or hair spa. Try to enjoy and make yourself happy whenever you can. Try to follow the home remedies and diet regimen given by elders because, it works out like a miracle!

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