How to Connect Your Phone to an Xbox One

Smartphones have found a way to make it in every aspect of our lives, including the gaming world. Being able to use our smartphone as a controller is a blessing because it allows us to take our gaming anywhere. Although a regular controller is easy to use, downloading the Xbox app for your smart device and connecting it to your Xbox opens up a world of gaming possibilities.

To be used as a controller your smart device must be up-to-date and connected to your app store. As long as these two things have happened, we can help guide you to easily connect your smartphone to your console.

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How to connect your phone to Xbox One

Step 1: Download Xbox App

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Before downloading the Xbox app for iOS or Android, you’ll want to update your smartphone or tablet to the latest version of its operating system (OS). Users of iOS require version 10.3 or higher to run the app. Microsoft recommends that Android users have 4.4 or higher. Once updated, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and enter “Xbox” in the search field to locate the app.

Tap on Install Start downloading the button to your smartphone or tablet, and launch it once installed. Then, sign in to your Xbox account when prompted.

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Step 2: Connect to your network

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To sync your Xbox One and your phone, both devices must be online. To check your network on Xbox One, go to Adjustment > Network > Network settings.

On your smartphone, go to the Network / Wi-Fi menu in your device’s system preferences or settings. Select if your Xbox One is not connected Set up wireless network, Select your desired network, and enter the corresponding password when prompted. Both devices must be within the limits of your network to connect.

Some features, such as using your phone as a remote control for the Xbox One, require both your Xbox One and phone to be connected on the same Wi-Fi network. Others, such as checking your achievements and activity feeds, until both devices are on an Internet connection.

Step 3: Sync your smartphone with your console

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While using the Xbox app, tap the three horizontal bars in the top left corner to bring up the main menu. From here, you can access most of the features, but for now, just tap The console. After a second, a Connect your xbox one The option should appear near the top of the screen.

The harness can bring a list of available Xbox consoles that you can connect to. If you believe there is only one in the list, tap the icon – label Xbox-SystemOS, Until you rename it – and then tap Turn on.

saw! Your smartphone and your Xbox are now Soulmate. You should now be able to use your smartphone as a controller and keyboard, although this functionality is limited to the Xbox OS. There is currently no game, the other being screen integration.

Step 4: Use the application

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Connecting is easy, but learning to use the Xbox app takes a little time and understanding. Again, tapping the three horizontal bars in the top left corner of the app will bring up the menu. This allows you to view your profile, achievements, recorded clips and screenshots, and you can access the Xbox Store among other things. Tapping on your avatar icon will reveal your friends list, while the icons next to it control messages and notifications. A new icon, denoted by three avatars, even allows you to start a party chat on the go.

Step 5: Control your Xbox One with the app

Xbox phone controller

Were not Completely Sure why you’d prefer to control your Xbox One with your phone instead of a controller, but the Xbox app makes it possible. Once you connect your Xbox One to your phone, you will see a small remote symbol in the lower right corner of the app’s screen. Select it, and you’ll be taken to a mostly black screen that includes all four face buttons, as well as the home button, view button, and menu button.

Now you can control your Xbox One by dragging your finger on the screen to select a tile, then press a In the center of the screen to confirm this. Will you ever use it? Probably not, but it’s an option!

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