How to Complete The Sort Records Task in Airship

One of the new tasks on the Among Us Airship map has players sort file folders in the new Records room. While not complicated, this task is lengthy.

After months of anticipation, the Among Us Airship map has finally set sail, and, as promised, it is massive and jam-packed with new tasks for crewmates and new locations for Impostors to pull off stunning kills. One of the newest tasks brings crewmates to a new location, a large, round room with shelves and filing cabinets called Records. Here, crewmates can pick up four file folders from a center table and place them in their proper shelf or filing cabinet slot.

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The Sort Records task is straightforward enough, as long as players know where to go and how to file their folders. However, despite its intersection with three other areas of interest, Records is one of the more remote locations on the Airship. The length and detail of this task makes it a dangerous, often tense one for crewmates if they find themselves alone with an Impostor and no one else around. Here’s how to complete the Sort Records task on the Airship map in Among Us.

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How to Sort Records in Among Us

A player opens the Sort Records task on the table of the Records room on the Airship in Among Us

When a crewmate is assigned the Sort Records task in a game of Among Us, they will need to make their way to the Records room, a new location in the top-right corner of the Airship map. To reach it, players will either need to travel north from the Showers, west from the Lounge, or east from the Gap Room. The Gap Room route is technically the shortest from the start of the match, but it will take time for the moving platform to get crewmates across from the Brig side to the Records side.

In the Records room, crewmates can find a central table containing a small pile of folders. Interacting with the table will bring up four folders. Players will need to click one of the four to select it. Somewhere in the room, a shelf will glow yellow to let the crewmate know the folder belongs on that shelf. There are shelves at both the top and bottom of the room, and an arrow will usually direct the crewmate where to go. Players should interact with the highlighted shelf to open it.

The next screen will bring up either a shelf of binders or a drawer of folders. In the set, there will be an obvious gap where the crewmate’s selected folder belongs. To place it, click or follow the button prompt on the empty space. A short animation will play, and the binder or drawer screen will disappear. The crewmate should repeat this process with all three remaining folders to complete the full task.

A player takes a folder to a shelf during the Sort Records task on the Airship in Among Us

Records must be sorted one at a time, and there is no way for a crewmate to pick up more than one of the folders at a time. They will need to return to and interact with the table each time they put a folder away until all four are done.

Like many of the Among Us mini-game screens, the shelf and drawer screens limit visibility for players. It will be difficult if not impossible to see anyone approaching while sorting records, so players will want to be as quick as they can during this task to avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

If a crewmate in Records is being pursued by an Impostor, or if the player notices someone else entering the room and feels suspicious, they can always leave and return to Records to complete the task safely later. Record Sorting does not need to be finished all at once, and the game will save a player’s progress if they choose to leave and return.

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Among Us is available for Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and Android.

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