How to Clean Toilets in the Lounge (Airship Map)

One of the new tasks on the Among Us Airship map has crewmates plunge a Lounge toilet. At first, it can be difficult to tell how the mechanics work.

The Airship Map for Among Us has officially launched, and the massive update brings new tasks for crewmates to complete and new rooms for Impostors to sabotage. Many of the new tasks take place in new rooms, like the Sort Records task in the Airship Records room, while others take place in the Airship’s version of returning rooms. Another new location appearing on the Among Us Airship map is the Lounge, which contains pool tables and pub-style seating. There is not much for players to do here, and it is located on the rightmost end of the map. However, in the bathrooms attached to this new location, crewmates will find a new task asking them to Clean Toilets.

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As with many tasks in Among Us, the Clean Toilets task does not come with any kind of instructions or indication of what a player must do. It does not help that “Clean Toilets” is a bit of a misnomer; rather than cleaning the toilet, crewmates are technically plunging, or, unclogging it. First, the crewmate will need to locate the toilet in need of cleaning, as they will only be required to take care of one of the four in the room. Then, they will need to figure out how to use the plunger mini-game to complete the task successfully. Here’s how to complete the Clean Toilets task on the Airship in Among Us.

How to Complete the Clean Toilets Task in Among Us

A player enters a bathroom stall to clean toilets in Among Us

When crewmates are assigned the Clean Toilets task on the Airship in Among Us, they will need to the Lounge. There are only two ways to access the Lounge. Crewmates will either need to go north and slightly west from the Cargo Bay, or they will need to go east from Records. The Lounge also consists of two parts. On the Records side, crewmates will first encounter a sort of game room. On the Cargo Bay side, they will encounter the Lounge bathroom.

Crewmates will need to enter the bathroom and open stall doors one by one. There are four, and only one of the four toilets needs cleaning. The correct one will be highlighted yellow. Players should interact with it to bring up the Clean Toilet task mini-game.

Players should see a bowl with a toilet plunger and a pressure gauge. There is no other indication onscreen guiding players to complete this task. Players may assume this task is similar to other Among Us tasks, which usually require simple, often obvious clicks or click-and-drag controls. While that is technically true, players will find that clicking on the gauge, bowl, and rubber part of the plunger are all ineffective. In a match, this confusion can cause crewmates to waste precious seconds and leave themselves susceptible to an attack by the Impostor.

To quickly complete the task, players need to touch or click and hold the plunger’s stick, then drag up and down to emulate the real-life plunging action. The gauge should move as the players drag the plunger up and down. If players pause between plunges, they can lose some of their pressure in the gauge. Once the gauge reaches the end of the red, the task will register as complete. This task does not take long to complete once the player knows how the mechanics work.

While the crewmate plunges the toilet, it is possible the bathroom stall door will shut. Crewmates should not let their guard down, however. Impostors can still open the stall door and kill them in the middle of their task. Because the Lounge is somewhat removed from the more highly traveled areas of the Among Us Airship map, it is an ideal room for Impostors to kill crewmates. Because of this, crewmates going to the Lounge to complete this relatively simple janitorial task will need to exercise extreme caution.

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Among Us is available for iOS, Android, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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