How to Clean Silver – Best DIY Ways to Polish Silver & Remove Tarnish

How to Clean Silver – Best DIY Ways to Polish Silver & Remove Tarnish

No matter how well you take care of yours Silver jewelry, Dishes and cutlery will of course tarnish them over time. But since no one wants to host a dingy place setting dinner party, it’s important to learn how to clean silver quickly and efficiently before your guests show up at the door. Follow these silver cleaning instructions from Carolyn Forte, director of Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning laboratory to restore the original shine. Good news: it doesn’t take much effort to make your silver glow again, and you can use the same methods for all objects, no matter how luxurious they are.

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How to clean silver

Sure, if you wipe your object with a microfiber cloth, dust will be removed, but the silver sheen won’t be restored. Use a targeted silver polish like Good Housekeeping Seal Star to remove tarnish and prevent it from coming back Weiman silver polish. If you’re not sure how to properly polish your silver, go step by step:

    1. Put a small amount of silver polish on a clean cloth that you have moistened if necessary.
    2. Rub the polish on your item in an up and down motion, not circular, to prevent fine scratches from being highlighted.
    3. Turn the cloth frequently during work so that no tarnish is deposited on your object.
    4. Rinse in warm water and polish with a clean, dry cloth to shine.


If you run out of Polish, try these homemade cleaning products

Without a doubt, targeted polishing is the most effective way to keep your silver clean. But if you are in an emergency, you can contact your pantry homemade remedies.

  • For silver that is dull, cinematic or not yet discoloredMix a few drops of mild detergent with warm water and immerse them in a soft cloth. Rub the jewelry in, then rinse it in cold water and polish it with a cloth until dry.
  • For stronger startingMix a paste of three parts of baking soda with one part of water. Moisten the silver and apply the cleaner with a soft, lint-free cloth (no paper towels). Work the paste into the columns and turn the cloth when it turns gray. Rinse and polish dry.

How to prevent tarnishing

Natural tarnishing may be inevitable, but there are some ways to ensure that your cutlery, jewelry, and dishes don’t lose their shine as quickly. Here are some tried and tested tips and tricks:

  • Store each piece of silver jewelry for yourself Tarnish protection bag in a cool, dry place.
  • Place a piece of chalk in a tarnish protection bag to remove moisture from the air.
  • Put jewelry on after the perfume to prevent it from sticking to your silver.
  • Don’t be afraid to wear your silver: the friction slows down tarnishing. The more you wear it, the more it will shine.


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