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How to Clean AirPods – Best Way to Clean AirPods Pro and Case

How to Clean AirPods – Best Way to Clean AirPods Pro and Case

At some point, you decided that AirPods were a worthwhile investment. Whether you received it as a gift or pampered yourself, there is no doubt that you want your wireless headphones to take as long as possible (or at least until Apple released a brand new model). In addition, they plug in Protective cover Apple recommends cleaning the earphones and charging case regularly to avoid further wear and tear. And let’s face it, the white exterior AirPods shows everything, including earwax, so it’s best to keep them clean for aesthetic reasons only.

The more you use your AirPods, the more you should generally clean them. But remember, you don’t have to wait to see dirt and grime to clean them well. Instead, follow this Apple approved step-by-step instructions Information on how to regularly clean AirPods – including the case, speaker network, and earplugs.

How to clean the case

Think about it: if the case your AirPods are in isn’t clean, neither are your earbuds. Although the latest AirPods Pro Apple is waterproof (not waterproof). Apple recommends that you keep away from water while cleaning to avoid damage. Instead:

  • Wipe the charging case with a dry, lint-free cloth.
  • Lightly dampen the cloth with isopropyl alcohol to remove stains or dry dirt.
  • Clean the associated lightning plug with a dry brush or toothbrush with soft bristles.

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How to clean ear wax or dirt on AirPods and AirPods Pro

While building, ear wax and dirt reduce the overall sound quality of your AirPods. Since you want your workouts or workdays to be full of high-quality jams, it’s best to clean your AirPods regularly. The next time you see gunk – wax, sand, dirt, as you call it – that covers the earbuds, check out these tips:

  • Clean the microphone and speaker network with a dry cotton swab.
  • To remove stains from perfumes, sunscreens, and more, lightly dampen the cloth with isopropyl alcohol and wipe it clean.
  • Remember: never let AirPods run underwater.

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How to clean ear tips on AirPods Pro

To give them Noise cancellation functionsAirPods Pro is supplied with small, medium, and large silicone tips. When cleaning, think of earplugs as a removable seal that needs to be wiped and disinfected in addition to the other AirPods. Since they are designed to include the sound, it also means that they do the same with dirt and grime. Follow these tips and tricks to properly clean the earplugs:

  • Pull the earbuds off each AirPod and rinse them off with water. Do not add soap or other household cleaners.
  • Wipe the earplugs with a dry, lint-free cloth. Let it sit until it is completely dry before plugging it back into the AirPods.

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