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How to Clean a Leather Couch? Between inevitable dirt, stains and marks, Fabric sofas are really a recipe for disaster. Leather sofas, on the other hand, are relatively easy to care for – as long as you act quickly. Of course, sometimes you won’t notice spilling, scratching, or tearing quickly enough. There you will find these instructions for cleaning a leather couch from the Good Housekeeping Institute The cleaning laboratory is practical.

While it is best to keep your couch These easy-to-follow instructions are away from direct sunlight and sharp objects (um, your dog’s claws) every day to avoid extensive damage. They are helpful when you have to remove difficult stains, scratches and everything else that has caused your furniture to lose their natural shine.

How to Clean a Leather Couch
How to Clean a Leather Couch

How to clean a leather couch

You should wipe your couch regularly with a microfiber cloth to remove crumbs or dirt. Follow these step-by-step instructions as necessary – a.k.a. if you notice any bright spots or scratches.

    1. Work a small area after another with a leather cleaner like GH Seal Star Weiman leather cleaner and conditioner or Furniture clinic leather care setor mild soap with a soft, damp cloth in the leather.
    2. Rinse with another damp cloth until all soaps or cleaners are removed. Polish with a dry cloth. If necessary, walk over arms and headrests several times.
    3. Apply a protective agent to maintain the leather and remove future stains more easily.


How to remove ink stains

General rule of thumb: try your best not to use any markers or pens on the couch – and ask your kids to do the same. But if at some point your couch becomes a focal point for crossword puzzles or homework, you can equip it step by step.

How to remove grease stains

Similar to inkSome grease stains have passed the repair point (sorry, but true). Treating your leather couch regularly with a protective agent increases your chances of getting rid of them difficult to remove grease stains. Try these methods, although there are no guarantees:

  • Use Furniture clinic leather DeGreaser in all areas that have been darkened by natural hair and hand oils.
  • If there are food stains, dab the stain off immediately and sprinkle the area with talcum powder, cornstarch or flour to pull out the oil. Let it rest for a few hours – if possible overnight – until the powder looks saturated and wipe it off. If the stain remains, wash it off with Weiman leather cleaner and conditioner or Furniture clinic leather care set.

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