How to Clean a Couch, Including the Upholstery and More

How to Clean a Couch, Including the Upholstery and More

After all the Hallmark movie marathons and Netflix binges, your couch quickly becomes a collection point for crumbs, popcorn kernels and occasionally spilled wine. Dirt, pet hair and crumbs can be attacked while vacuuming or wiping your sofa Cloth steamer and detergent if you really want to remove stuck stains and spills. Follow this step-by-step guide to cleaning a couch about every six months Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning laboratory to make the center of your living room meaningful again.

How to Clean a Couch

How to clean a couch

Whether you’re trying to fight a particular stain or want to refresh your entire couch seasonally, try this simple guide:

    1. Use one hand steamer or bursts out of your steam iron to kill dust mites. Walk across the entire sofa and just let the steam touch and penetrate the fabric. If you don’t have a steamer or iron, skip this step and go straight to vacuuming.
    2. Go over the entire sofa with the upholstery of your vacuum cleaner: back, arms, skirt and pillow. When the pillows are removable, remove them and vacuum the fabric underneath. Go as far under your back and arms as your vacuum cleaner can reach. Use the splitting tool along the seams, around all buttons, and along the panel.
    3. Look at the care label on your couch to see what can be safely used on the fabric:
      • W. is the easiest to clean and means that water-based cleaners are fine.
      • W / S. means that water or solvent based cleaners are safe.
      • S. means that only solvent-based cleaning chemicals should be used.
      • X. means nothing more than vacuuming or brushing the fabric.


    4. For fabrics that can be safely cleaned with water, treat feed and pet stains with an enzyme-containing formula such as Bissell Professional Pet stain and odor remover. If necessary, mix mild detergent with warm water. Always test cleaners in a hidden area first.
    5. If your pillows have removable covers, open them and place a paper towel between the fabric and the filling to absorb the cleaner. Apply the cleaner to a cloth and carefully dab the stain from the outside in. When the stain is removed, dab the area with another damp cloth to rinse thoroughly and pat dry. For “S” fabrics, remove stains with a solvent-based product according to the directions in the package.
    6. Clean dingy arms and headrests with one portable suction cleaner to like Bissell’s portable little green ProHeat cleaner. Simply pass the mixture of detergent and water through the hose, move the fabric with the brush nozzle and suck the dirt into the tank. For substances that only contain solvents, it is best to contact a specialist to ensure safe and thorough cleaning.
    7. Once your sofa is clean and dry, kill any remaining germs and odors on waterproof cushions with a fabric disinfectant spray like Tide Antibacterial Fabric Spray.


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