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How to choose your perfect glasses

This year has turned our lives around and we’re having to learn to do things in new ways, with technology as our trusted companion. For quite a few of us, we’re spending a lot more time at the computer and using digital screens, as we can’t risk meeting our colleagues, friends, and family in person. While our products might still be at the same level, this increased screen time is accompanied by physical challenges, like recognizing our eyes’ need for extra support.

Literally from the moment, we open our eyes in the morning until we go back to sleep, our eyes are the most actively used organ in our body. If we don’t take good care of them, needless to say, the quality of our everyday life gets affected in a major way. If you’ve been experiencing more headaches than before, squinting to see certain objects or small-sized text, you might need to visit your optometrist to determine whether you need an eyeglasses prescription.

How to choose your perfect glasses
How to choose your perfect glasses

Here’s an easy-to-follow checklist to help you choose glasses easily without feeling overwhelmed. We’ll go in-depth on each tip so that you can go shopping like an expert!

  1. Select frames that will contrast your face shape to bring out the best features of your face. Here’s a face shape guide to help you with the basics:

Square face

You’ll know that you’re square-faced if you have a wide forehead, strong cheekbones, jawline, and chin. Your most prominent feature is probably your strong jawline. Round glasses or thinner frames such as aviators or pilot shaped frames would be a great contrast to these strong features and suit you better. What this does is help soften your features and compliment your natural looks.

Eyeglasses for Square Shaped Faces

Oval frames are the best friend for square faces and tend to look good with every look.

Oval frames are the perfect accessory for pretty much any occasion. You’ll look naturally stylish without the need to expend any effort. Make the glasses work for you.

Eyeglasses for Square Shaped Faces
Eyeglasses for Square Shaped Faces

Example: Michael Kors MK4067U SANTA CLARA

Round frames. This shape is in a league of its own and has the inherent property to make you look cool, calm, and collected. Example SmartBuy Collection Scout Asian Fit

Eyeglasses for Square Shaped Faces

Pilot or Aviator glasses will always be in vogue. They look cool no matter when you wear them. Take a look at Persol PO3160V for example.

Aviator glasses

Round Face:

People with round faces have wide foreheads, full cheeks, and rounded chins. The face is normally nearly equal in length and width. You can check out glasses with strong details and angles to contrast your soft features. By adding some contrast, your face can look chiseled and longer. Look for rectangular, butterfly, and wayfarer frames.

Eyeglasses for round faces:

Wayfarer frames are forever iconic and seen on many famous faces. It’s a great style choice for both men and women. Example Ray-Ban RX5356

Wayfarer frames

Butterfly frames are for those who like to be experimental with their style. As you can imagine, this resembles butterfly wings thanks to the interesting fusion of round and geometric shapes, designs, and silhouettes. Take a look at Tom Ford FT5518 and take the guesswork out by trying it on virtually at SmartBuyGlasses.

Butterfly frames

Rectangle frames are for the quintessential gentleman or professional woman. They’ll help you take your look to the next level or simply make a statement. Example: Oakley OX8080 CROSSZERO Asian Fit

Rectangle frames

Oval face

Consider yourself lucky. Thanks to your balanced features, high cheekbones, and slightly narrower chin, you’ll find that most eye frames suit you. However, steer clear of oversized glasses as they can take away from your naturally balanced features.

Eyeglasses for Oval Shaped Faces

Cat Eye. If you are all about old-school glamour, cat-eye glasses will be your pick. They are a very flattering shape that can even give you a facelift because of the beautiful illusion this shape lends. You’ll love the Arise Collective Virginia Blue Light Lens

Cat Eye

Round and Wayfarer models will flatter you as well because they enhance your facial structure.

Heart-shaped Face:

The typical heart-shaped face is characterized by a wide forehead, high cheekbones, narrow jaw, and a well-defined chin. Since this face is widest at the top and narrowest at the bottom, it resembles a heart. When such individuals are looking to buy glasses. The aim is to help create the illusion of a smaller forehead and a broader chin. This is achieved by choosing glasses that are wider than your forehead.

Eyeglasses for heart-shaped faces:

Pilot or Aviator glasses and Wayfarer glasses are great as they take the attention away from the wide forehead.

Wraparound glasses have opted for their sporty and practical look. They’re ideal for those with an outdoorsy and adventurous side because of their range of coverage. For example,  Nike 7070/3 019

Wraparound glasses

  1. Ensure that the frame centers your eyes. In other words, check that the frame makes it look like your eyes are in the centers of your lenses. If your eyes look like they’re too close to the inner corner of the frames, it will make you look cross-eyed. If your eyes appear too far towards the outside corners of the frames, then it will make the glasses look too small. If your eyes happen to be slightly narrow set, then you should avoid a pair of frames that are too wide.


  1. Do the shake test and choose frames that fit well on your nose. Since you will be wearing them often, you need to ensure that they’re a perfectly comfortable fit. Avoid glasses that keep slipping down your nose, leaving red marks, or causing your eyelashes to touch the lenses. If the frames move as you shake your head, they are too big. If you find that the regular fits are not working for you and you need glasses that are wider set, and better fitting on the nose, ask for Asian Fit glasses. These are specially designed to sit lower on the nose bridge and not slide around.


  1. If you spend a lot of time in front of digital screens such as computers, smartphones, or the TV, it’s worthwhile to consider eyeglasses with a blue light filter. Studies show that blue light rays that reach a wavelength of between 415-455nm can cause irreversible retinal damage or complete vision loss. Blue light glasses scatter blue light and prevent it from reaching your eye and, potentially damaging your eye health

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