How to Choose a Path in Outriders (& How They Work)

With each of the four classes available to players in Outriders being both elemental and physical damage focused, which one is the best for them?

Outriders give players a wide range of classes to choose from and even more diversity once they have chosen. Between the Devastator, Pyromancer, Technomancer, and Trickster, there is no perfect answer for every player. Based on whichever playstyle fits a person best, they will want to choose a different base path for their character.

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Each path offers some supernatural talent alongside a fighting style that suits them best. However, each path can be customized further between the three subclasses. While the basic information given to players is the range that the class fights well in and what it works with, there is much more to know about each path.

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Why Players Should Choose the Devastator in Outriders

At first glance, the Devastator may seem like a basic tank type of build. While it can take quite a few hits and stand its ground, players will also be able to wield the earth beneath them and harness the power of gravity against their enemies. As with each class, this class has 8 abilities that players can unlock throughout their playthrough, starting with one and gaining more over time. Aside from this, there are also three main skill trees to the class that is categorized by subclass.

Devastator’s Starting Traits: +24% health gain per enemy they defeat within close range, +25% max health bonus, and +30% armor bonus.

Skill Tree: Vanquisher – (Close Range Combat and Heavy Damage Dealer)

Skill Tree: Warden – (Heavy Tank and Support)

Skill Tree: Seismic Shifter – (Mid to Long Range DOT)

The Eight Abilities:

  1. Gravity Leap – Useful jump for dodging attacks and jumping into the fray to protect comrades. This jump also creates a shockwave on impact.
  2. Reflect Bullets – An energy shield that suspends bullets shot at the player in it. Once the power runs out or is stopped, all the collected bullets will fire off at nearby enemies.
  3. Impale – A seismic ability that pulls a spike out of the ground to impale a targeted enemy or enemies.
  4. Endless Mass – Summons an obelisk that generates gravity like a black hole, sucking in nearby enemies and damaging them in the process.
  5. Earthquake – Another seismic ability that sends a trembling rupture towards a targeted area damaging and knocking over enemies caught in its wave.
  6. Golem – This seismic ability grants the player an extra layer of armor ripped up from the earth for a short period.
  7. Tremor – An AOE based around that player that causes the ground to burst and shake continuously. This will knock enemies down and keep them off of the player for a bit.
  8. Boulder Dash – Another AOE based around the character that is done at the end of a dash.

Why Players Should Choose the Pyromancer in Outriders

The Pyromancer is the heaviest damage dealer who stays within a mid-range and deals mainly fire and lava damage. This would be most similar to a Warlock or Spellsword type class that isn’t quite falling off the edge as a glass cannon. It focuses mainly on dealing damage with AOE and DOT with a little healing mixed into its abilities.

Pyromancer’s Starting Traits: +15% max health, +10% ability power bonus, skills will mark damaged enemies for 15 seconds. Killing these marked enemies grants the player +24% healing.

Skill Tree: Ashbreaker – (Increased Power Damage and Marked Kills focus)

Skill Tree: Fire Storm – (Increased Fire Damage and Status Effects)

Skill Tree: Tempest – (Support/Tank with Lots of Buffs)

The Eight Abilities: 

  1. Thermal Bomb – Burns a single target from the ground up that is a small distance from the player until they burst to deal AOE damage. This leaves the target marked while dealing damage.
  2. Ash Blast – AOE that sends smoldering ash out from the character to cover nearby enemies cementing them in place for a few seconds.
  3. Heatwave – Creates a wave of flames that goes away from the player in a straight line damaging anyone in its path.
  4. All the Heat – Large AOE based around the character that deals a small amount of damage. However, those already burning will take extra damage from this attack.
  5. Volcanic Rounds – Grants the player’s weapon ammo the burning status effect.
  6. Heat Absorption – A health stealing ability that pulls the target towards the player and covers them in ash.
  7. Phaser Beam – Shoots an energy beam that benefits from 120% of the player’s status power. Dealing damage and status effects to the targeted enemy and a smaller AOE damage to nearby enemies.
  8. Eruption – Summons a volcanic eruption under the feet of a selected enemy dealing heavy damage on the target and small AOE damage.

Why Players Should Choose the Technomancer in Outriders

The Technomancer is the most versatile class as both a support sniper type, doing best with long-range weapons. While not as “magical” as the other classes, this path allows the player to form and craft larger standing weapons on battlefields with scrap metal. As a support class, the Technomancer also has some of the best healing abilities available within the four classes.

Technomancer’s Starting Traits: +7.5% Long Range Weapon Damage, +15% Life Leech, and +15% Weapon Life Leech.

Skill Tree: Pestilence – (Focuses on Decay Skills and Damage Output)

Skill Tree: Tech Shaman – (Healing Focused with Minor Damage Bonuses)

Skill Tree: Demolisher – (Well-Rounded Tree with Buffs, and More Scrap Weapons)

The Eight Abilities:

  1. Scrapnel – A proximity bomb that can be dropped and bursts when enemies get close, dealing an AOE explosion.
  2. Cryo Turret – Creates a turret that will drop next to the play and automatically shoot at enemies with freezing bullets which will, in turn, slow them down.
  3. Pain Launcher – Creates a raining volley of missiles in a focused area of targets in a straight line.
  4. Fixing Wave – The only ability in the game that allows players to heal comrades. Also can be used to repair scrap weapons and weapons dropped in combat.
  5. Blighted Drones – Grants decay infused bullets for whatever weapon the player is wielding at the time.
  6. Tool of Destruction – Grants the player a short-term weapon of their choosing. Normally a rocket launcher appears, but players can also get a pistol or minigun.
  7. Cold Snap – An AOE that freezes enemies close to the player.
  8. Blighted Turret – A standing flamethrower-like weapon that shoots out toxic acid, this puts the toxic status effect on them.

Why Players Should Choose the Trickster in Outriders

Much like how the class sounds, this path is very similar to a rogue playstyle. The Trickster is focused on close-range combat and teleportation. They are quick on their feet, and even faster with their abilities to jump in and out of combat with ease.

Trickster’s Starting Traits: +15% Damage Mitigation from active Shields, +20% of Max Health Heal, and +12% Shield Gain for Enemies that die in Close Range.

Skill Tree: Master of Space – (Focused on Close Range Damage and Speed with Shotguns and SMGs)

Skill Tree: Harbinger – (Tank-like with Bonuses in Shield and Armor Ratings)

Skill Tree: Assassin – (Classic Stealth Focused with Bonuses to Anomaly Skills)

The Eight Abilities:

  1. Temporal Slice – Creates an extension of the player’s arm as an energy longsword. Dealing a good chunk of damage to all nearby enemies. This ability also slows and explodes enemies.
  2. Slow Trap – A large AOE that massively slows all enemies caught within the space.
  3. Borrowed Time – Creates a duplicate of the player to run in a different direction, taking the pressure off of the player for a short burst.
  4. Hunt the Prey – Teleport behind a selected enemy and gain a shield bonus.
  5. Twisted Rounds – Grants anomaly infused bullets in whatever weapon the player is wielding that last until the player reloads. These bullets increase the player’s damage by over 1,000 points.
  6. Cyclone Slice – Creates a twister of anomaly blades that bounce from enemy to enemy.
  7. Time Rift – Suspends enemies in the air to keep them from attacking and inflicting them with Weakness.
  8. Venator’s Knife – Throws a temporal knife that can bounce between up to 5 enemies in a small radius and marking them. This will deal both initial damage and DOT for marked enemies along with slowing them.

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Outriders is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Google Stadia.

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