How to Avert the Crash Course Sabotage in the Airship Gap

The Avert Crash Course sabotage in Among Us is one of the most difficult to coordinate. Two crewmates must resolve it on each side of the Gap Room.

The new Airship Map in Among Us comes with many new tasks for crewmates, and it also includes a new sabotage for Impostors that allows them to set the vessel on a fatal crash course. Crewmates will need to scramble to avert this crash course in the allotted timeframe. Like fixing the Reactors sabotage in Among Us, averting the crash course sabotage will require at least two crewmates on opposite ends of the Airship’s Gap Room. The Gap Room is a large square area near the center of the map defined by a large gap in the floor. This can be a challenge to coordinate, as the Airship Map is very large, and crewmates only have 90 seconds to reach it and override the set trajectory before the ship crashes and the Impostor wins.

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Averting a crash course on the Airship in Among Us is one of the most difficult sabotages to fix. It will require teamwork and timing to coordinate. Unlike Lights or Comms, this is one act of sabotage crewmates cannot and should not ignore. At the same time, crewmates will need to be wary. Clever Impostors know this sabotage is one that will not be ignored, and they may be waiting near the Gap Room to kill an unsuspecting crewmate. Here’s how to avert the crash course on the Airship Map in Among Us.

How to Input the Code to Avert a Crash Course in Among Us

One of the Keypads to avert the crash course is located to the left of a ladder connecting the Gap Room to the Meeting Room in Among Us

Impostors can start the crash course sabotage on the Airship in Among Us by clicking the Sabotage button and clicking the nuclear hazard symbol on the Gap Room. Players will find the Gap Room in the center of the map between the Brig and Records, just below the Meeting Room containing the Emergency Button.

Once the Impostor sabotages the Gap Room, the crew has 90 seconds before the ship undergoes a fatal crash. It is important for crewmates to stop what they are doing and go try to fix the sabotage before this happens. For this sabotage, it is not a good idea to assume other crewmates will take care of it.

The Gap Room has two sides connected by a slow-moving platform. If the player is on the same side as the moving platform, they can take it across the gap to the other side. However, there is no way to call the platform across without another player on it, so if the platform is across the way, the only way for a player to reach it will be to have another player come across via the platform. The platform moves too slowly to allow a single crewmate to enter the Gap Room and fix the sabotage alone; in this case, a team is required.

One of the keypads to avert the crash course is located at the bottom of the ladder in the Gap Room of the Airship in Among Us.

To avert the crash course, one crewmate will need to be stationed at each of the two keypads on either end of the Gap Room. On the Brig side, crewmates will find the keypad to the left of the ladder that leads to the Meeting Room. On the Records side, they will find the keypad on a small sub-platform. To reach it, they will need to take the ladder down. The keypad is located to the left of a very dangerous Impostor Vent, power panel, and wire box.

When both crewmates have opened the keypad, they will see a green light on the right side of the keypad indicating both sides are active. Otherwise, if only one crewmate has the keypad open, the light will be red.

Crewmates will find a PDA to the right of the keypad displaying the code and a countdown bar. The code is the same on each keypad and resets every 10 seconds. Like the Comms sabotage on Mira HQ, both crewmates will need to enter the code displayed on the keypad before the bar timer runs out, or the code will reset. To successfully avert the crash course, both crewmates need to input the code within 10 seconds and without it resetting in between. If the crewmate on one side of the Gap Room inputs the code successfully, the other crewmate’s timer will reset to 10 seconds to give them a better chance of inputting the code successfully.

Like other Impostor sabotages in Among Us, only living crewmates and Impostors can resolve the avert crash course sabotage, and the Emergency Button will be inactive during the sabotage’s 90 seconds. However, if a crewmate reports a body, the sabotage will automatically resolve, and crewmates will enter a meeting as they normally would.

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