How to Apply French Nails With Glitter

How to Apply French Nails With Glitter

Your French nails are an easy way to update your look. If you’ve been admiring your gorgeous nails for a while or just haven’t taken the time to learn how to do them properly, read on.

The idea behind glitter nails is to paint the tips of your nails with color that flows outward. This will give your nails a larger, more dramatic appearance. The result is a gorgeous manicure that looks professional.

To begin, you’ll need to figure out what occasion you want to use your new look for. For Valentine’s Day date, you can opt for a three-color combination, such as clear, red and white. Or you can try a sparkling red lipgloss for a fun, glamorous look.

French Nails With Glitter
How to Apply French Nails With Glitter 1


Glitter Nails

The choice is yours, but before you start to apply your glitter nails, you’ll need to get the look. First, find a pair of earrings that are large enough to cover the tips of your nails. Use clear polish to create a border around the nails. You can finish off with a few coats of glitter.

To apply your French glitter nails, press the tips of your nail flat with a fingertip. Apply the clear polish in one long stroke, being careful not to brush it over the base coat. With the tip of your finger, apply the red and white accents. Finish off with the last coat of glitter, then gently press the tips down to seal in the glitter.

French Nails With Glitter
How to Apply French Nails With Glitter 2

If you like, you can add some highlights to the tips of your nails with glitter. Start by applying a clear base coat. Next, apply the red and white glitter in strips across the tips. Press your fingers together to form a line to complete the accent.

To add highlights to your French glitter nails, take the same French nail designs and run the red and white lines over the outline. Finish off with a gloss to create a sheen.

Polish Your Nails

Because you’ll be painting these designs into thick layers, you’ll want to make sure that you have good quality glue and glitter to work with. If you’re working with just a clear polish, you won’t have to worry about glitters sticking to each other, so your main concerns are quality and longevity.

If you’re going to use clear nail polish, make sure that you prepare the nails well ahead of time. Firstly, make sure that the cuticles are clean. Apply a thick layer of clear, dry top coat and allow it to dry completely.

French Nails With Glitter
How to Apply French Nails With Glitter 3

Once the top coat has dried, carefully apply two thin coats of nail polish. Take care not to press too hard or apply too much pressure when you do this. Allow the polish to dry, and then you’re ready to begin painting. Again, don’t apply too much pressure; the clear polish will take a little longer to dry than an opaque one.

Now you have the French glitter nails on your hands, you’ll want to apply your glitter over the glitter. For these glitters, you can try using red and black glitters. Get a jar of clear glitter, and apply it using a brush. Once dry, buff with a dry cloth to give the glitter shine.

When you’re done, add a topcoat of a color that matches your nails. Let the nails dry completely before buffing with a dry cloth.