How The Airship’s Difficulty Compares To Previous Maps

Among Us’ Airship was an exciting new addition to InnerSloth’s game, but it is the most difficult map to play. Here is why the scene is so difficult.

Among usThe latest update added the Airship map along with a bundle of new cosmetics and outfits for the bean-like astronauts from the murder mystery game. Players can now choose between four stages when creating a lobby, which adds more variety to the repetitive nature of the gameplay. Nonetheless, there are pros and cons to the airship’s difficulty to consider before starting a new game.

The airship surpassed Polus as Among us‘larger map and featured several unique gameplay mechanics that are not seen in the other stages. These exciting new additions will no doubt translate into countless hours of fun with friends, but they can be a bit overwhelming for newcomers. In his heart, Among us is a fully multitasking game. The crew members must keep an eye on all the other players, complete their tasks, and deduce who might be the murderer. The impostors must try to kill everyone in the lobby without raising suspicion. The airship makes learning these basics more difficult than Among us‘other cards.

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As the airship offers players a new way to play Among us, new and experienced players have struggled to understand its intricacies. Even Twitch star Pokimane, who played for many hours Among us streaming, said the airship was “too big“and”too much“for the game. Here’s what makes Airship the most difficult card to play in Among us.

Among us: why the airship is the most difficult map

Among us, every free hat in the airship update

For starters, the airship is huge, which may seem like an immersive new feature, but it makes acquiring crucial information more difficult for teammates and imposters. Among us lobbies are still limited to ten players, so the airship would result in the same number of crew members forced to disperse further. This means that it will take longer for crew members to find corpses, giving imposters a slight advantage early in the game. This advantage can be quickly wiped out if an impostor is killed early, as it’s then up to one person to orchestrate the killings on the massive map while sabotaging the crew members.

Even with these drawbacks caused by the size of the map, imposters have an added advantage that crew members are not compensated. The airship has no visual task, making it much more difficult for innocent players to spot the murderer. Visual tasks have an animation associated with them that informs anyone nearby that they are running, such as the Submit Analysis task in The Skeld and MIRA HQ. Since impostors cannot interact with any of the teammates’ tasks, visual tasks have become a popular way to identify the impostor because they are impossible to fake. The airship has eliminated this asset to which the team members have always had access.

The last Among us The update was a breath of fresh air for die-hard fans who were tired of playing the same cards, but it might also have inadvertently introduced a more difficult difficulty to the game. Newcomers may feel lost in the airship due to its size, and crew members who once relied on visual tasks to spot imposters can no longer do so on the map. It may take a little getting used to, even for experienced players.

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