How Superman Is So Poor In The DCEU

Zack Snyder’s Justice League continued a DCEU Superman problem: Clark and Martha Kent have ongoing money problems that cost them the Kent farm.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League highlighted the unfortunate reality that Superman (Henry Cavill) is poor in the DC Extended Universe. While Clark Kent obviously can’t match the wealth of Batman (Ben Affleck), the Snyder Cut continued the constant money problems that both Clark and his adoptive mother Martha (Diane Lane) struggled with in Smallville, Kansas. It took Bruce Wayne buying a bank in Smallville to buy back the Kent farm after foreclosure.

Man of Steel actually underscored what would be the pervasive issue of the Kent family’s money troubles. When Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner) was killed by a tornado, this left Martha as the sole owner and caretaker of the Kent family farm. Not long after, Clark decided to leave Smallville to travel the world and use his powers to help people incognito. Martha didn’t stand in the way of her son’s need to search for his destiny, but it meant she had to cope with all of the problems of running a farm by herself. Martha obviously had great difficulty, especially with the challenges of running a small family farm to make ends meet in the 21st century. Meanwhile, Clark spent years wandering the planet working odd jobs under assumed names – and he never accumulated any wealth of his own.

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Clark becoming Superman doesn’t lead to any revenue since he does his heroic deeds for free. However, Kent did move to Metropolis and got a job as a reporter for The Daily Planet. And yet another unfortunate reality (in the DCEU and in the real world) is that working for a newspaper in the 21st century can also lead to an uncertain financial future. Clark and Lois Lane’s (Amy Adams) editor Perry White (Laurence Fishburne) was constantly worried about the Planet‘s bottom line in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and he always imposed limits on expenses, like making Lois fly coach. Meanwhile, it seems as though Clark lived with Lois in Metropolis. If so, perhaps he sent money home to Martha in Smallville to help her out. But after Superman was killed by Doomsday and Clark was buried in Smallville, Martha was now completely on her own on the Kent farm with no support. At least an anonymous donor (Bruce Wayne) paid the expenses for Clark’s funeral.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League revealed that Martha Kent had been behind on her mortgage payments for a long time and the bank put the Kent farm into foreclosure. Although it was the Martian Manhunter (Harry Lennix) posing as Martha Kent when she urged Lois Lane to go back to work in the Snyder Cut, the alien telepath still knew the truth about what happened to the Kent farm. After all, Martha did pack up her belongings, visit Clark’s grave, and then drive away from the Kent farm in Chapter 1 of the Snyder Cut.

At the end of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Bruce Wayne gave Clark and Martha back their home, which was Batman’s way of apologizing for all of the madness that went down between them in Batman v Superman. Further, despite his own death and funeral separate from Superman’s, Clark Kent went back to work for The Daily Planet. Presumably, Clark’s salary as a reporter can keep him afloat, but he has new financial responsibilities too. After all, Lois Lane was pregnant in the Snyder Cut and she and Clark also got engaged. Presumably, this means Lois and Clark will now forge their life together. Between both of their salaries, they can probably live comfortably as they start a family, but who knows how they will support any desire to move to a larger home in Metropolis or elsewhere.

As for Martha in Smallville, it seems like Bruce Wayne and his loyalty to Clark can be relied upon to keep the bank at bay so that the Kent farm remains in the family. How the Kent farm actually becomes a profitable farm with only Martha working on it – if it ever was after Jonathan’s death – isn’t clear, But at least, thanks to Batman in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, neither Clark nor Martha have to worry about losing the family farm again.

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