How Roborock Is Accelerating the Evolution of the Vacuum

Smart vacuums have become a staple of the modern home, freeing up hundreds of hours simply by cleaning a living space with minimal human input. Most smart vacuums come with a dock or charging station that they operate out of. They’ll leave the dock, begin cleaning, and return to the charger when they need a power boost. Really, the only thing you have to do is empty their dustbin every once in a while, but there are even smart vacuums that can do this on their own, too — Roborock’s S7+ can vacuum, mop, scrub, and auto-empty.

It’s hard to imagine a time when these devices didn’t exist, but they haven’t been around long. What’s more, they’ve grown considerably more advanced and intuitive over the years, with brands like Roborock pushing forward their evolution and usability.

Getting Smart: The History of the Vacuum

Believe it or not, the vacuum is a modern descendant of the ancient broom. The first vacuum was developed in 1860 when Daniel Hess added air to his sweeper. It was a manual vacuum that employed a rotating brush to move or grab debris, and a bellows was attached which was used to suck up the dirt and dust. He called it the “carpet sweeper.” That simple machine served as the foundation for the push-vacuum, as the design was eventually improved by Ives McGaffey in 1869. His version used a fan to move air, and stood upright, like the push vacuums we use today. Over the years, it changed form, from a stand-up version to a trimmed-down handheld, and on to what we know today, the more powerful cyclone vacuums, and the smart vacuums — also called robotic vacuums.

The first smart vacuums were bulky, and not all that intelligent. Sure, they moved about a residence and cleaned, but they were thick, so they often got stuck under furniture or objects, among other navigation issues. Today’s smart vacuums use intelligent indoor mapping systems, like LiDAR, smart sensors, and beyond. They can navigate freely around just about any type of space, and avoid dangerous areas, like staircases, steps, and similar pitfalls. They also clean much more efficiently, offering powerful levels of suction, indicative of your average cyclone vacuum. In short, it means today’s smart vacuums clean so much better than the original models.

Why robot vacuums are an indispensable smart home solution today

Having evolved considerably, in more ways than one, including price, robotic vacuum cleaners or smart vacuums are so much more accessible today than they ever were — Roborock played a huge role in that evolution. Above all, they’re more convenient and helpful than the original models. The smart features play a huge role, which we’ll dig into a little later. However, it’s the common use cases that have positioned robotic vacuums as an indispensable solution in many homes across the world. They help homeowners save time by keeping the floors clean and minimizing just how much you have to sweep, vacuum, or even mop. Roborock’s smart vacuums, specifically, include a host of intuitive features that upgrade how they’re used.

Cleaning Pet Hair

All of Roborock’s smart vacuum cleaners, are excellent at cleaning up pet dander, dust, fur, and hair, which tends to collect over time in odd places around the home. If you have dogs, cats, or any kind of furry creature — some people keep rabbits and other animals inside — then the robotic vacuum will siphon it all up. You don’t have to use automated vacuums exclusively, either. The Roborock H7, for example, is perfect for cleaning out areas your little robot can’t reach! It’s built to provide a deeper and more thorough cleaning, for a much longer period. The 5-stage air purification system filters out 99.99% of all allergens and captures dust mites, pet dander, pollen, and much, much more. The H7 is perfect for cleaning other areas around the home too, or even outside your home, like your vehicle’s cabin! It converts quickly into a handheld unit that you can take anywhere, thanks to the reliable battery.

They Save You Time

Back to robotic vacuums and smart vacuum cleaners, they can save you tons of time and help you earn back some free time! How often do you sweep, vacuum, or even mop? What about the unexpected times you have to get up and clean because of a spill or accident? Robotic vacuums can do it all for you. For dry spills, you can start a cleaning mode and either direct them to the spill or wait for them to make their way there. Imagine using a voice assistant like Alexa or a mobile app to start the vacuum? For wet spills, like liquids, you’ll need to soak up the spill first, but you can quickly convert most devices so they’re mop-ready — or even take advantage of devices that are built to do this like the Roborock S7+ robotic vacuum and mop. Yes, we’re mentioning it again, but it really is a pinnacle of the smart home market. It can mop and scrub your floors up to 3,000 times per minute!

Deep Cleaning

Dried-on dirt, mud, and grime is often too much for most vacuums and even smart mops to handle. However, the S7 and S7+ feature something called Sonic Mopping, which uses the power of sound to deliver a deep cleaning and scrub away various residues. The technology achieves 3,000 scrubs per minute, creating a “true deep clean machine.” Our reviewer, John Velasco, loved the S7, praising its efficient and smart navigation, quiet operating modes, and powerful Sonic Mapping. You can read all of that, and what else he thought about the machine, in the Digital Trends Roborock S7 review.

As for the cleaning power of the mop, it can handle just about anything. Dried coffee? No problem. Mud and grime? No problem. Plus, the mop system raises when not in use to prevent ugly streaks and spills that would otherwise ruin a reliable cleaning process. The 300ml tank means the machine will clean most of your home, if not all, with no refills needed — depending on square footage.

Why robot vacuums are so worth the investment

If we’re being honest about old robot vacuums, most brands offered models that weren’t that smart. Yeah, they could move about a home freely and return to their docks, but they often ran into furniture, got stuck, or could barely help with big messes. Roborock has always delivered on that front thanks to the intelligent navigation systems in their smart vaccums. Take into account the new and innovative features, however, and it means robot vacuums are worth it now, more than ever. They’re smart, convenient, and Roborock’s vacuums come in a variety of designs and models, so you can choose one that best matches your home and family’s lifestyles. From robot vacuums with mopping to powerful suction to multi-function stand-up vacuums that can be taken anywhere, Roborock has it all.

If you have kids, you’ll need a vacuum with powerful suction to clean up crumbs, cereal, and all kinds of hidden messes. If you have pets, you’ll need their fur or hair cleaned on the regular, along with any pet dander and allergens they leave behind. It doesn’t matter whether you live in an apartment, townhome, or a house — robot vacuums are perfect for all living spaces. What’s more, they can navigate across hard floors, carpets, rugs, and much more. They still have trouble with stairs and steps, of course, but it probably won’t be much longer before we see devices that can traverse elevated terrain!

The intuitive feature set of Roborock smart vacuums

Each model is different. For example, while the S6 MaxV is just a vacuum, the S5 Max has a mopping mode that can be customized within a mobile app! But across the board, Roborock vacuums and devices offer a host of useful features that are worth highlighting. Those include:

  • HEPA and E11 high-efficiency filters to remove nearly all contaminants and allergens.
  • Intelligent surface recognition with mop and vacuum transitioning — like mop stowaway capabilities.
  • Stain scrubbing support for powerful and effective mess cleanups.
  • Auto-emptying with triple-layer filtration to keep the dustbin nasties gone for good.
  • Precision navigation, action zones, and scheduling, all available within the mobile app.
  • Handheld power and convenience, as one, with extreme suction and charging.
  • Magnetic storage, and fully washable components for easy maintenance.

Roborock smart vacuum recommendations

If you’re looking for recommendations, here are a couple of Roborock vacuums that have really changed the [cleaning] game.

Robot Vacuum Highlight: Roborock S7+

3000 vibrations per minute. Auto mop lifting with smart cleanup support. 2500Pa powerful suction to clean even the biggest messes. Plus, an auto-empty dock. That’s a lot, and we haven’t even looked closely at some of the features and specifications of the S7+ which could very well be your next smart home companion.

The S7+ robot vacuum is equipped with precision mapping technology, with incredibly accurate LiDAR navigation that creates detailed maps of your home and identifies rooms for up to four levels. That means it can safely navigate nearly every inch of your home, whether it’s a one-story, a four-story, or anything in between. No, it can’t go up stairs on its own.

What’s more, the intelligent mop system lifts when a carpet or soft flooring is detected, so it can both mop hard floors and vacuum carpets in a single cleaning — there’s no need to swap any attachments. The mop also raises when the vacuum docks, and when mopping is finished. You won’t have to worry about it getting your floors, mats, and other areas wet when it’s all done patrolling.

Add-on Highlight: Auto-Empty Dock

Compatible with the Roborock S7 and S7+, the auto-empty dock allows the devices to continue cleaning and emptying themselves for up to 8 weeks. Built into the dock is a 3-liter dust bag, which self-seals when you remove it, to prevent dust and debris leaks.

To prevent accidental emptying, and conserve battery, the dock has dustbin detection — when there is no dustbin the vacuum will not be emptied. The intelligent dust collection works with the vacuum to optimize emptying times and keep the system running. Additional features of the dock include built-in cable management, washable and reusable front and rear filters, and electrode cleaning brushes that automatically clean the robot when it docks.

Of course, all of that just adds to the long list of features the Roborock S7 and S7+ offer.

Cordless Vacuum Highlight: H7 Cordless Vacuum

As one of the newest additions to the Roborock family, the H7 offers up to 90-minutes of cleaning time on a single charge, thanks to its massive LiPO battery. A quick recharge — which takes just 2.5-hours total — will boost the battery to full in no time. It also features extremely powerful suction, rated at 160-air-watts, a 5-layer air filtration system and HEPA filter, flexible storage that’s quickly accessible, and a dock.

Most importantly, it converts quickly between a stand-up style stick vacuum and a handheld unit so you can get into hard-to-reach places. The telescopic wand allows it to stretch to high places too, like the tops of walls, high up in corners, and even the ceiling if need be. Dust bag support makes it easy to empty the bin and keeps everything much cleaner during the process, too.

The H7 is powerful, versatile, and convenient, and it’s the perfect companion for your robot vacuum, allowing you to quickly clean areas your motorized cleaner can’t reach.

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