How Much Will Tom Brady Earn If The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Win The Super Bowl?

How Much Will Tom Brady Earn: New team, same result. In his first season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tom Brady finds himself back in the Super Bowl. The three-time MVP is going for its seventh title in 10 seasons. And he must succeed, a lucrative bet for him.

If Brad defeats the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl, Brady could earn $ 500,000 in incentives. Even if he falls short, he is still a financial crisis in the playoffs.

Brady, 43, has already collected $ 1.75 million to this postman, according to ESPN’s Adam Shekre. Brady made $ 500,000 to reach the playoffs, $ 250,000 for the Bucs’ wild-card win over the Washington football team, $ 500,000 for the Divisional Playoff victory against the New Orleans Saints and led the Buckeyes to victory over the Green Bay Packers Led to $ 500,000.

How Much Will Tom Brady Earn
How Much Will Tom Brady Earn – Dylan Buell / Getty Images

In total, he would earn $ 2.25 million if Tampa Bay could run its postseason with one win.

Brady threw for 4,633 yards and 40 touchdowns this year. He signed a two-year, $ 50 million deal with the Bucks last summer, with $ 9 million in incentives. When that contract ends, he will turn 44, leading to speculation about possibly retiring. However, Brady called the fact that he is still playing “a blessing” in the league after 21 years and has indicated that he never plans to hang on to his struggles.

Brady earned more than $ 200 million in career earnings, as well as a healthy part of the change from various endorsements and sponsorships.

Even if incentives are not baked into their contracts, Players make money With postson success. The Bucs and Chiefs each took home $ 59,000 to win their conference championship games. The winning side of the Super Bowl will each pocket $ 130,000, while the losers will give $ 65,000.

Winning another Super Bowl ring on Sunday would be Brady’s top priority. But the possibility of adding some more money to the bank is also a good risk.


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